I am proud to say that I am a “Sunsilk baby”. I’ve been using it ever since and I can say that this shampoo is perfect for me and my hair and I love the how my hair smells after shampooing it with Sunsilk.

Now, they’ve come up with their new line of best ever shampoos to give women the hair they deserve with an expert-like touch. I’m talking about the new Sunsilk Co-creations. To give Filipino women a soft and beautiful hair, Sunsilk has partnered with the world’s best hair experts like Yuko Yamashita – the smooth hair expert, Teddy Charles – the shapes and length expert, Dr. Francesca Fusco – dermatologist hair fall expert and Tom Taw – the damage expert.

Together with these world’s renowned hair experts, Sunsilk has created seven (7) co-creations to cater to individual hair problems of women. These shampoos are:

1. SMOOTH AND MANAGEABLE – gently cleanses and coats hair strands to smoothen fluffy hair
2. STRONG AND LONG – formula gently cleanses and refreshes your hair, while penetrating it and fortifying hair fibers so it becomes up to 10x stronger*+ and 3x smoother+ with boosted shine
3. DAMAGE REPAIR – gently cleanses and gives care to the most damaged hair, while reconstructing beneath the hair surface and filling damaged cracks deep inside – layer by layer, strand by strand
4. STRAIGHT AND SWAY – cleanses your straight hair and gently relaxes your hair bonds, providing softness and suppleness to give natural movement ++ to your artificially straightened hair
5. SOFT AND SMOOTH – gently cleanses and conditions even the driest and roughest hair, while acting as a softening agent to rebalance hair condition
6. ANTI-DANDRUFF – cleanses and refreshes while purifying your scalp to start elimination dandruff** from the first wash and protect the hair’s natural condition from dryness
7. HAIRFALL SOLUTION – gently cleanses weakened, easily-broken hair, while reinforcing hair from roots to tips

With Sunsilk Co-Creations, the best of the world is truly at your fingertips. Seven co-creations unique only to Sunsilk to meet every woman’s demand and solve major hair problems of Filipino hair. Available in supermarkets nationwide for only P89.00/200mL bottle.

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