How many of you runners out there like to have gadgets to keep you company on the route? You should check out the new app that Nike just introduced for the iPhone and also for the iPod Touch. It can be purchased at iTunes and is available now. It will not replace that trusty heart rate monitor, but it is a great addition to your arsenal.

Since running is a sport that most people do all by themselves, it can get a little lonely out there. With no one to encourage or commiserate with, sometimes the miles seem longer than they really are. This little bit of fresh technology will help ease the loneliness because it has enlisted the voices of several well known athletes and a few comedians to make the journey seem lighter as they encourage you as you run and also to inspire you to push up the intensity level and keep it going longer.

There is also a community linked by this new Nike app that lets a runner connect with other athletes around the globe, making the world seem a little bit cozier, and you can also check out your profile on Facebook and other social media sites and save your best runs there.

Of course, you do not have to be a runner to use this app. Walkers, joggers and bikers can all benefit from the encouragement this app offers. In addition, this app was created to measure and map out the route taken by the runner (or walker, biker, etc.) wherever they decide to exercise. It can be used inside or outside, in the park, on the track or on the treadmill. In addition to tracking the route and measuring the distance, it records time spent exercising and the calories burned.

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