Natural Ways to Enhance Your Fertility

I’m having a hard time conceiving because I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I already consulted my doctor and she gave me some medicine to treat PCOS.

But I want to do something else about my situation. One of my friends shared an article to about the natural ways to enhance fertility.

According to the article, some infertile women have been shown to have low levels of leptin, a hormone that affects hunger and weight regulation. Leptin levels drop if you fall short on zzz’s, so try to log 7 to 8 hours tonight and every night. The problem is I have an insomnia. I guess over-the counter sleep pills won’t hurt. Sleep medications can help reduce insomnia in special situations.

Also, I realized that I need to get my body in shape and be healthy. If I really want to naturally conceive a baby, then I have to prepare my body for it. From now on, I’ll have discipline and live a healthy lifestyle to increase my chances to conceive. Eat healthy foods, have enough rest and as much as possible manage your stress. Avoid bad habits like  drinking alcohol because they can affect my ovulation and may result to infertility.

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