Considering The New Apple iPhone 4

I am a proud full time blogger. I am usually online most of the time and whenever I am away attending blogging events or doing some personal things, I still access the net through my mobile phone and do some mobile blogging, update my online status on various social networking sites, check my email and other stuff that a blogger usually do online.

Since I need to be connected online always, I am planning to buy a new gadget that can better aid me in my mobile blogging activities. Actually, I am contemplating of trying this soon to be available iPhone 4 as I have read from its specs the powerful interface that it can provide me. One of the most interesting features of this new Apple iPhone 4 that I think will be very useful to bloggers, like me, is its ability to record, as well as, edit videos in amazing HD quality. With this, I don’t need to carry with me my bulky camera to take pictures whenever I attend a blogging event as I can use the iPhone 4 to directly upload videos online in just minutes!

I am also curious on how the Retina display, 960 by 640 works. It’s said that it has a remarkable 960-by-640 resolution fitted in a 3.5-inch screen with the text and graphics that still looks sharp. The 5-megapixel camera that has a built-in LED flash can produce high resolution photos for better blogging experience.

You can see the embedded video below for a detailed description of the new iPhone 4.

I think I have to consider buying this one…

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