Most women, if not all, have hair problems; this can either be hair fall, dry hair and split ends or all of the above. Ever since, women, not just here in the country, but all over the world as well, has keep on searching for better and effective ways to ease, if not totally eliminate, these mentioned hair problems, but have not been totally successful.

Now every woman should try the new Pantene 14-day challenge to transform hair into a healthier hair that is bouncy, strong and shinier! Celebrities and well-known women like Andy Eigenmann, Erich Gonzales, Andy Manzano, Cheska Litton, Ana Kalaw together with the three ambassadors of Pantene, Claudine Barretto, Angel Aquino and Carla Abellana are also the living proof to how Pantene changed and transformed their lives by reviving their hair’s true potential.

The new Pantene promise is only 14 days to an Amazing Hair Transformation just like their tagline: “You Try, You Decide”.

The New Pantene is available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

Stories of Transformation

So did Pantene fulfill its promise of amazing hair transformations in 14 days? Its newest ambassadors answered with a resounding yes.

Claudine Barretto, who was named one of Pantene’s Most Beautiful Women last 2008, considers hair fall as the toughest problem that women and even men face when it comes to their hair. “Usually, hair fall happens when you subject your hair to activities like blow-drying, styling, or coloring. All these things can really damage and weaken your hair cuticles. And when this happens, that’s when hair fall comes in and that’s really embarrassing.”

“I remember my last teleserye; there was a scene where we were pulling each other’s hair. When someone pulled my hair, so much of it came off! I said, oh my gosh, I knew it wasn’t just because they were pulling hard but it was also because my hair wasn’t healthy and strong enough to take on that challenge! It was scary. That was the moment I knew there was a problem.”

“So I did the 14 day challenge with the new Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner. On the 7th day, I noticed that I had less hairfall In the shower,“ Claudine continued, ”And before, when I’d wake up – we usually use white sheets – you really notice the hair fall; you see strands on your bed. And on the 14th day, it was gone. The hair fall stopped. It was really, really amazing! That was the transformation and I feel like I’m a new and improved Claudine!”

Meanwhile Angel Aquino, who has also endorsed Pantene in the past, is excited about the all-new Pantene Total Care. “My biggest hair problem is split ends so I would just have to cut it off,” shared Angel. “Then I tried all-new Pantene and wala na ang split ends ko.”

Finally, Carla Abellana, the newest Pantene ambassador, actually calls this event a milestone in her life. “This endorsement of Pantene is a blessing for me but I was so nervous before the pictorial. At that time, my hair was so unruly, very unmanageable. I didn’t believe that my hair was ready for such a big milestone,” admitted Carla.

“So I took the 14-day challenge but it didn’t take 14 days for me to see the results. I already started noticing results in less than a week. My hair was smoother and shinier. The compliments started pouring in; I really felt good about it! My 14-day commitment to Pantene has resulted to overall, hair condition that is really better and a happier Carla, of course!” she exclaimed.

Rising telenovela stars Empress Schuck, Andi Eigenmann and Erich Gonzalez were also among the celebrities that took on Pantene’s 14-day commitment.

Empress Schuck, the lead of popular afternoon telenovela Rosalka, said that dull hair had always been her problem. Now after 14 days of using Pantene Glossy Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, she exclaimed, “My hair is really shinier! Now my hair looks just the way I’ve wanted.”

Meanwhile Andi Eigenmann, who stole our hearts in Agua Bendita, also noticed an amazing transformation after 14 days. “My hair felt stronger and healthier. Nawala yung hair fall (My hair fall disappeared)! And when I found out that it was Pantene I was using, I was so happy. Pantene is the only one that really works for my hair,” she said.

Finally, Erich Gonzales, who stars in Magkaribal said, “Well, we all know that miracles don’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to commit. With the new Pantene, nawawala yung split ends (my split ends are disappearing). Now it’s easier to grow my hair long!”

Pantene also invited personalities from other fields to take the Mystery Brand 14-day challenge.

“I’ve been using the ’mystery shampoo’… the one marked with a question mark. I’ve been noticing major improvements in the quality of my hair. It’s become so shiny and healthy looking!” said celebrity blogger Daphne Oseña-Paez during her 14 day journey of transformation.

“I know it sounds like one of those TV commercials,” she went on. “But honestly… it has improved a lot. I know I will never have straight neat hair because the true character of my hair is wavy and thick….but I like how this shampoo and conditioner can leave my hair shiny and neat.”

“Last week, I tried this new “mystery” shampoo from Procter and Gamble. Since then, my hair’s become a bit more “tame” and manageable despite the stifling heat coupled with the unbelievable humidity,” shared international blogger Ingrid Chua-Go of the Bag Hag Diaries, who tested the mystery brand from Manila to New York.

The blog entry went on. “My hair’s gone from extreme heat (115degF) to cold and dry (62degF) on this trip. And it has stayed “good” and in place. Thankfully I don’t need to blow-dry my hair for it to stay manageable during this trip. I certainly can’t say that it was the weather that made my hair “tame”, so credit has to be given to this Mystery Shampoo.”

Other delighted challengees include Cecile van Straten aka Chuvaness, sought after DJ Andi Manzano, popular radio host Laila Chikadora, TV host and personality Cesca Litton and well-known beauty and fashion columnist, Ana Kalaw.

Pantene Country Marketing Manager Maimai Madrid-Punzalan shared that she was very pleased with the reception of the newly revealed Pantene, whose launch is happening simultaneously all over Asia.

“Through its Recharging Pro-V fluid, the new Pantene is making a wonderful promise to women – make a 14 day commitment to try it and you’ll witness an amazing transformation in your hair. When you’re committed to you’re hair, we’re committed to help solve its tough problems,” said Pantene Country Marketing Manager Maimai Madrid-Punzalan.

“We wanted people to experience this transformation firsthand which is why our call for the launch was ‘You try. You decide.’ We’re very happy that so many women took up the challenge and made the commitment even though they did not know what the brand was; and we’re even happier hearing about the transformation they all saw in their hair!” said Madrid-Punzalan.

So while the mystery behind the hair care brand that promised women an end to their tough hair issues in just 14 days may have been revealed, the amazing hair transformations are just beginning!

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  1. For me….pantene is the most effective shampoo for my hair fall…I’ve really liked it.I used almost 1week but I ssee the different…from hair fall to stronger hair…thank you pantene…from now on…I don’t wanna change it anymore…More power…I love you pantene.

  2. hey aeirin! i just wanna ask if you have any idea re: free samples from pantene.

    we registered online when the mystery website was still up. after 2 weeks, i mustered the courage to call their hotline. they said wait 3-4 weeks. me and another friend i referred the promo to are still groping in the dark.

    i know beggars can’t be choosers but the idea doesn’t just justify it. are the samples still coming? help! calling pantene?

  3. Pantene is the best shampoo I’ve ever tried… I’ve tried every shampoo in the market. From anti-dandruff shampoo to organic to ordinary shampoo… Same goes with conditioners… Now, I’m going to try every hair treatments Pantene has…

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