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I love to watch romantic movies; in fact, I have this funny habit of watching a single romantic movie over and over again especially when it’s totally romantic that it touches the “hopeless romantic” in me. But aside from being a romantic movie buff, there are times that I also go for action, horror and political thriller movies that are really interesting and worth my dime, just like this intriguing movie, The Ghost Writer, which was released by Summit Entertainment.

According to critics and other movie reviews aggregators, although, this movie, The Ghost Writer, is based from a novel written by Robert Harris, which is entitled, The Ghost (in UK, this movie is just entitled The Ghost and not The Ghost Writer), one of the main characters is also a clear allusion of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. If you are updated with the current affairs, you will understand why and how the Prime Minister in this movie (and novel) resembles Tony Blair when you watch the movie.

Two of the most popular and very good actors in Hollywood star in this movie, Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan, the ghost writer and the prime minister, respectively. Also starring in this political thriller movie are Olivia Williams, Kim Cattrall, Timothy Hutton, Tom Wilkinson, Jim Belushi, Robert Pugh, Tim Preece and Eli Wallach and directed by Polanski. Originally, Nicolas Cage was the first choice for McGregor’s character.

The movie tackles about how the unnamed ghost writer uncovered the ugly truth while working to finish former Prime Minister Lang’s memoirs. He discovered that Prime Minister Lang was involved in a political controversy and was later assassinated even before the memoir was done, but the ghost writer decided to finish the book anyway. During the finishing of the memoir, he discovered the final piece of the puzzle to the mystery regarding the entire case of Lang. At the end of the movie, it was suggested that the ghost writer was killed by a speeding car when he left during the book launch.

If you happen to read the novel by Harris, you’ll notice some differences from the movie. Just like for instance, in the movie, there is no mention of the Ghost writer’s girlfriend, Kate and the way Lang was killed, which was different from the novel. However, the movie remained true to the novel since Harris and Polanski both wrote the screenplay of this movie.

Winner of the Best Director prize at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival, Roman Polanski’s critically acclaimed thriller The Ghost Writer will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas (Glorietta 4 & Greenbelt 3) starting Wednesday, August 4.

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