Today’s way of communication is way too advanced as compared to several years ago; before, for instance, we just have to wait for the daily newspaper to arrive for us to know what significant happenings yesterday have occurred, on the other hand, today, we only need to go online and get updated of the latest headline news, as it happens, when it happens. Not just that, the spread of the news is viral that communication flow is continuous and can reach millions of people all around the globe in just a few seconds!

In addition, if we are a text or mobile subscribers of certain news network/s, we can hear (read) the news as soon as possible via our mobile phones without having to wait for the flash report on TV. Now, imagine it when bloggers, like me, can update our loyal subscribers through their mobile phones, as soon as we post something in our blogs… isn’t this great?

If you think so, then, it’s time for you register your blog/s at and update your readers or followers with the latest post/s in your blog/s! Or, if you are an avid reader or follower of these certain blogs that you want to be among the firsts to read their latest posts even if you’re offline, now you can with blog’m .

As what I have read from its press release in the Manila Bulletin, which you can read here, “blog’m is a unique mobile application that bloggers may use to push their blog’s elements into their subscribers’ mobile devices”. As of now, it is still in beta so user feedbacks are surely appreciated to make the application more useful and efficient when it officially launches soon. It is already at Nokia’s OVI Store (Installing the application is free of charge) but remember, standard data charges apply but if you come to think of it, the content you’ll receive is worth the “cheap” charge. At this time, blog’m is doing everything they can to free the subscribers from data charges and just let the advertisers shoulder the bill and I’m hoping for this to be finalized.

Lastly, if you are an avid reader of my blog, Pinay Ads, and is interested to subscribe to get the hottest news online, then I’m glad to announce that blog’m has already invaded my site and that you, my beloved follower, can easily subscribe via your mobile phone. Simply visit my site,, scroll down a little, then at the middle right you can find this

simply enter your mobile number to register and start receiving my content to your mobile phones!

What are you waiting for? Get updated now!

Mommy Iris

I'm a lifestyle and mommy blogger from the Philippines. Pinay Ads was created to share bits and pieces of my life and my family. I have a wide array of interests that include entertainment, movies, music, gadgets, traveling, food, baking, and more. So, I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy reading!

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