Family ties in Filipino culture are very close that wherever we are, either working abroad or just having some vacation away from our loved ones, we never forget to exert our efforts and time to bring home something – key chains, t-shirts and other souvenir items – for our family. This is what we call “pasalubongs” or presents. It is our truly a unique Filipino custom ever since.

LBC understands how the Filipinos’ culture of padala has slowly evolved and become more of an emotional connection between sender and recipient. This is why LBC Peso Padala continues to be a safe, fast, and reliable money remittance service provider to ensure that all money “padalas” are sent to its recipient on time.

Lately, although “pasalubong” tradition is still there, it is gradually being transformed into a faster way of expressing our love and concern for our family members, friends and anyone who is dear to is. This is what we call the “padala” or money remittance, wherein instead of bringing tons of luggages every time we go home, we easily and conveniently send money remittances through various money remittance service providers.

One of these providers is the LBC Pera Padala, where their main goal is to deliver our money to our loved ones fast, on-time and safe. LBC has been in the courier service for over a long time and their reliable service has always satisfied their customers. Now, with LBC Pera Padala, the senders are given options of how the recipients will receive their “padala”; either door-to-door, pick-up, at absolutely low and reasonable charge. The LBC knows the importance of receiving our money on-time safely because they know that those remittances are important, so they are committed to it.

So next time, if you think of sending someone a “Pera Padala”, think of LBC, as you will be assured that they will reach their destination on time safely.

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  1. reliable ang padala…pero and staff hindi…parang hindi graduate ng college…rude…ako pa nag padala ng pera sa Ormoc( LBC Branch Near Old Gaisano) pinahintay pa yung asawa ko ng parang hindi marunong bumasa ng ID….inuna pa yung tsismisan with kapwa worker bago entertain ang customer…bad experience…my first time to avail of pera padala services…ako pa nag bayad ng services fee…parang magmamakaawa kapa para makuha ng asawa mo pinada na pera…services are bad…customer relation is bad in Ormoc….the staff ay parang nasa Mercado lang..unprofessional…..i will never again transact with this company….their adds are not reflective of their practices…walang training ang staff…

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