Whisper’s softest and most comfortable pad ever dares girls to do the things they’ve never dared before – and the first to take on the challenge is the newest member of the Whisper family, Anne Curtis.

It was an action packed afternoon of revealing questions and exciting physical challenges as the Whisper Dares Anne Curtis event tested their newest endorser’s wit, coordination and balance in a game of Truth or Dare.

Bright, bold and fun, Anne Curtis showed that she was comfortable to take it all on as she gamely answered queries about varied topics, ranging from her showbiz career to her personal life, and completed the dares with ease, from maintaining perfect balance in yoga positions to doing the Whisper dance.

The multi-talented actress also revealed the reason why she was confident in performing these different dares; it was because of her newest discovery, Whisper Cottony Clean.

“I’m very active everyday, especially on Showtime, and as clichéd as it may sound, you just have to choose the right product to use that you feel comfortable in, where you don’t feel bulky and you’re confident knowing that you won’t suffer leaks. Especially in my field of work, where you’re always moving around, you’re dancing, you’re hosting. You just have to have that confidence in knowing na walang boo-boo na mangyayari!” Anne said.

The athletic Anne, who loves dancing, playing badminton and practicing yoga, likes Whisper Cottony Clean because it helps her feel clean and fresh so she’s more comfortable moving around.

“There are some napkins that when you wear it parang naiinitan and I’ve even experienced irritation before! What I’ve experienced is that with Whisper, I feel fresh all the time; there’s that fresher feeling,” shared Anne.

The new Whisper Cottony Clean also provides all-side leakage protection and better absorption through its Circles of Protection, an all-new channel design in the front, back and sides that help direct the flow of your period and prevent leakage.

That is why for other girls her age, Anne assures them that “you will be confident when you use Whisper Cottony Clean – you have that fresh feeling, you don’t have to worry about stains. Of course, you’ll have a happy period – you don’t feel like you have your period!”

Whisper Brand Manager Jan Jizelle Ang invites women to dare themselves, their family and friends, to try the new Whisper and experience the freedom of movement Whisper has to offer, just like Anne.

“Aside from our original variant, Super Clean and Dry, now we also have Whisper Cottony Clean, which not only provides girls the ultimate Whisper protection but also the comfort and softness we need for heavy physical activities, just like what Anne proved today with her daring challenges,” said Ang.

“Moreover, both variants Super Clean and Dry & Cottony Clean have the technology of Circles of Protection, which is our new channel design that helps provide all-sides leakage protection. So now girls have the freedom to choose the variant they want and move more freely & more comfortably without the worries of having leaks!”

Get cottony comfort and 100% leakage protection with the new Whisper Cottony Clean. Now the Whisper protection you love has been combined with the comfort of cotton in the new Whisper Cottony Clean. Its Whisper’s softest pad ever so you won’t have to worry about irritation. The New Whisper Cottony Clean also gives you all-side leakage protection and better absorption through its Circles of Protection, an all-new channel design in the front, back and sides that help direct the flow of your period and prevent leakage. So you can stay active or even dare to do the things you couldn’t do before during your period! Try the new Whisper Cottony Clean – for cottony comfort and 100% leakage protection in one.

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