Why ASCOF Lagundi is still the number one choice for Lucy Torres-Gomez

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“Health is wealth.” This is what we always hear and this phrase may seem overused. But come to think of it, no matter how rich we are in terms of material things and yet, we suffer from various diseases that lead to the deterioration of our health, our wealth will only be useful to spend on medicines to bring our healthy lives again.

As for our kids, we value their health so much that we always seem to be in a panic mood whenever they got sick, am I right? The first thing we do is we buy them some medicines; these medicines can be harmful to our kids especially that they contain combination of several chemicals, which in turn can cause side effects to the children. And we don’t want this to happen. The reason that we buy medicine is to make our kids feel better and get rid of those uncomfortable feelings that they have, especially when they have fever, runny nose, colds and cough.

As for newly elected Congresswoman of Ormoc, Leyte, Lucy Torres Gomez, when her only daughter, Juliana, who is now already ten (10) years old, suffers from cough, Lucy does not just buy any branded cough syrup that promises to give immediate comfort to kids, instead she meticulously read and check the labels to make sure that the medicine she’ll buy will surely make Juliana feel better. This is the reason why she only depends on Ascof Lagundi cough syrup as it is made from real 100% Lagundi leaves.

As we are already aware of, Lagundi is one of the herbal medicines that the Department of Health (DOH) is endorsing and encouraging the public to use as it is safe and proven to be effective in getting rid of phlegm for over several years. This is aside from the fact that Ascof Lagundi is a product of Pascual Laboratories, one of the leading drug companies that have long been trusted. Other cough syrups that are made from various mixtures of chemicals may cause harm to your children like drowsiness, palpitations, intestinal bleeding, and damaged liver.

So, if you are a hands-on mom like Lucy Torres Gomez, always see to it to check the labels of every medicine that you administer to your children because this simply negligence may result to serious problems. Now, it is safe to only trust Ascof Lagundi when it comes to cough problems, as it is also available in other flavors like Ponkan, Strawberry, Menthol and Menthol Sugar-free flavors, tablet and capsule formats, that you and your kids will surely love!

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  1. i just want to know if a child aged 1 yr up but is not yet 2 yrs old is safe from taking this medicine. I have already tried the tablets myself and its really effective. My son has cough and colds right now,i was thinking of giving him this medicine but my only hesitation is that the label indicates only 2 yrs old and above. When i asked the pharmacist, she said, it is okay, just divide into 2 the amount indicated for a 2 yrs old.Hope you can enlightened me on this one and hope to hear from you soon.thank you!

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