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One thing I regret about our wedding is when I didn’t get a professional photographer. I know most of you will agree that the day of your wedding is undoubtedly the most unforgettable and cherished day of your life. The day is made even more special with the presence of all your near and dear ones. Closest family and friends are there by your side to support and share the most significant moment of your life. As years go by, memories start to grow fainter and such an occasion is recollected through pictures of the esteemed day.

Our Wedding Photo taken by a point and shoot camera only

If the photos are not good enough, the essence of the moment is ruined completely (like what happened to our wedding).

But my husband and I are planning to have a church wedding. And this time, I’ll make sure we will the the wedding photographer who can capture the exclusive day and come out with wonderful pictures to make for promising memories. While I was looking for an affordable Digital Photo and Video Services, I saw Nice Print Photography. It is one of the leading, fast-rising companies in Digital Photo and Video Services in the Philippines. They offer only the best quality and value for money services.

Nice Print Photography has a long list of satisfied clients from the Philippines and abroad. 95 percent of its business comes from weddings. Lately, they have covered events in San Francisco USA, New Jersey USA, Winnepeg Canada, Macau China, and Hong Kong.

Nice Print Photography also do kiddie parties, debuts, company events, and baptismal parties.

Nice Print Photography can give very good and reasonable rates for your event photo shoot since they print their own photos. Nice Print Photography is one of the few photo studios today that has its own digital photo laboratories.


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Unit 204 Emerald Place, 604 Shaw Blvd., Pasig City
Telephone numbers: 6365505, 6333812, 6385206 Fax number: 6333812
Mobile numbers: 09177964549, 0922-8NPRINT

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