Nestle’s Creating Shared Value for Business and Society

Our country is now experiencing water supply shortage since the Angat Dam is now at its below than normal water level. Although this kind of situation, water supply shortage, is not new to us anymore, we can still do something about it. 

In fact, Creating Shared Value (CSV), formerly known as the corporate social responsibility, of Nestle Philippines has long been in practice before this term has been coined. One of the aims of this program is to train their farmers – for free, how to use water efficiently and effectively.

Nestle, as one of the largest producer of agricultural products here in the country, like coffee, has been doing its part in ensuring the efficient, safe, responsible, sustainable and ecologically sound use of water, says Edith de Leon, SVP and Head of Corporate Affairs Nestlé Philippines. As part of their social responsibility, water sustainability is actually one of the pillars of the Nestlé CSV approach. The other two are Nutrition and Rural Development

According to De Leon, Nestlé is implementing the Sustainable Agricultural Initiative (SAI) and the Coffee-Based Sustainable Farming System (CBSFS) to teach farmers coffee-growing methods that improve the quantity and quality of their coffee beans in the most environment friendly and sustainable way.

Several big companies such as Nestlé Philippines, Asian Development Bank, the Philippine Business for Social Progress and the Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Social Responsibility, has organized the Philippine CSV Forum to encourage the government, other corporations, and NGO’s to embrace Creating Shared Value as a catalyst for social progress. In this way, we can all attain progress, while still caring for our nature.

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