Located at a quaint alley in front of ABS-CBN along Mother Ignacia Street, Nak Muay boasts of authentic Thai cuisine that comes with a story that not all restaurants can tell. Nak Muay was born from a passion for everything Thai, specifically Muay Thai. The name Nak Muay, which means Muay Thai practitioner, was inspired by the hobby of restaurant owner, Van Ranoa who has practiced the art for several years now.

As a kid, he grew up eating Thai food as his family sought out quest after quest in search for the finest recipes to satisfy their urge to frolic in everything Thai. Their quests started when his oldest sister, who loved Thai food moved to the United States to study. Since then, every year when the family unites once again, they make it a point to try out as much Thai restaurants as they can here and abroad. His love for Thai food later on emerged into a curious journey for everything Thai. In all his discoveries, it was Muay Thai that caught his attention, especially because it was the sport that introduced him to his current significant other who also helped him in building and conceptualizing the restaurant. As he and his other half practiced the art and participated in several Muay Thai competitions, Van, his family and his partner finally thought of creating a place where all of their Thai passions meet, hence the birth of Nak Muay Asian Thai Cuisine.

At Nak Muay, customers are greeted by a life-size display of its resident mascot, Naki, the friendly Muay Thai fighter who loves to eat after training Muay Thai. Upon entering, the place gives you an appetizing ambience highlighted by the scent of all the fresh spices that are used to make all the dishes in the menu. The interiors showcase ancient Muay Thai elements that comprise a Muay Thai camp-like traditional punch and kicking planks, photos of ancient Thai Gods whom Muay Thai fighters pray to before battle and waiters who wear mongkols on their heads. The restaurant can accommodate 30 – 50 customers all at once, yet if the place if full, there are also several chairs and tables outside the perimeter where diners can eat their orders.

The menu comprises of Thai food staples, starters and specials, packaged in solo meals as well as ala carte group offerings. For starters, the restaurant recommends its Kangkong in Yellow Beans Sauce or its Rotti Bread that comes with curry sauce that is also great with Nak Muay’s other sauce varieties such as the peanut sauce, chilli sauce and the sweet tamarind sauce. These sauces are also great with barbeques, satays, stir-fry and noodles.


For full meals, Nak Muay’s best-sellers are its Bagoong Rice and Khao Pad (Pineapple Rice) meals topped with a variety of classic Thai favourites to choose from like Chicken Pandan, Green Chicken Curry, Red Beef Curry, Stir Fry Squid, Stir Fry Pork, Chicken with Basil or Nak Muay’s signature recipe for Sweet Pork. All of which can be adjusted from non-spicy to very spicy. Another crowd favourite is Nak Muay’s Pad Thai Egg, Tom Yum Goong and its grilled skewers that are available in satay and barbeque versions.


Green Chicken Curry! Creamy, green curry sauce that goes well with anything!
PAD THAI! Everyone's favorite! Rice noodles cooked with special thai tamarind based sauce with lots of toppings!

For those who are on the look out for something new and delicious, Nak Muay recommends its seafood specials such as the Spicy Scallops and the savoury Fish in Spicy Lemon Sauce. Also exclusive to Nak Muay is its self-titled soup, a recipe that originated in ancient Thailand that Muay Thai fighters include in their diet before they go into battle.

Tom Yum Goong! Choose between Sour and Spicy or Sour and very spicy! Recommended for those who have been spending long hours at work and would just want to re energize!

Nak Muay also has food choices for those who seek a fusion of Asian tastes and is comfortable with their own Filipino palette. On the menu are Nak Muay’s Thai Sisig, Noodles and Dimsum. What makes them Thai inspired are the traditional Thai herbs included in the recipe that does not only give a unique taste to the dishes, it also provides health benefits as these herbs are known for having anti-oxidant and cleansing properties.

After a hefty meal filled with flavourful Thai dishes, deserts are also on the menu that ensures a happy ending for anyone’s Thai eating experience. A must try is Nak Muay’s exclusive desert, the Kamo Thai which is an ice cream like concoction made with natural ingredients that are good sources of fiber. To also assist you with your pace during your meal, Nak Muay also offers diverse beverages that include the infamous Thai Iced Milk Tea. The tea is brewed upon order, and comes in a large glass that’s more than enough to accompany you while eating your appetizers up to your deserts. All meals at Nak Muay come in reasonable prices that start from 39 pesos and up.

Nak Muay Asian Thai Cuisine is located at 139 Mother Ignacia Place, Mother Ignacia Avenue, South Triangle Q.C. and is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Mondays to Saturdays. For deliveries in Quezon City area, reservations and for more information, call 5760972. Nak Muay is also available for catering services and customized packed meals for business meetings and other gatherings. Nak Muay is also available for franchise packages.

Join Nak Muay on facebook at www.facebook.com/nakmuaythai to get updates on their menu, promos and to also gain access to exclusive Nak Muay merchandise. For comments or suggestions, you may e-mail them at nakmuay@mail.com. EAT! SLEEP! MUAY THAI! ONLY AT NAK MUAY!

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