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This summer, many people would usually visit the beach, have picnic, party with friends, while others would prefer to have quality bonding time with their loved ones. As for me, I would rather stay at home, browse the web and do my favorite hobby without the need to be exposed to the “aching” rays of the sun and avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays and damage my skin eventually. What’s this favorite hobby of mine? Well, it’s online shopping!

I love online shopping as I am able to choose the accessories, clothes and other stuffs online, without the hassle of walking tiredly plus I get to scrutinize things without being bugged by those sometimes irritating sales lady…lol.

Now, I’m planning to go abroad and find my luck there and it is a big help to go online shopping especially when buying plane tickets, getting some reservations to hotels, have a car rental bookings and other related inquiries. But what made these online transactions better than the actual personal inquiries and bookings is the discount coupon codes which are available online for free.

Just like when I want to stay at the Embassy Suites, there is an available Embassy Suites Coupons which I can find online that will get to save me a lot of money and of course, time and effort. At, I get to learn that Embassy Suites has a cheaper rate as compared to other cozy hotels, so I get to enjoy the same comfortable accommodation at a lower price – clean, airy and spacious room, parking space, clean bathrooms and other must-have amenities for the guests, like me.

Also, after having a good rest at the hotel, I may want to visit a theme park like Busch Gardens; but I’m sure I would love to have discounts. Then, I need not worry about it as there are many websites online that offer Busch Gardens Promo Codes, which can instantly give me discounts to this theme park. Then, I’ll get to enjoy and have fun at the park at a low price! At Busch Garden Promo Codes, you’ll be advised to be vigilant in giving out your personal information when using the promo codes as we don’t want to be scammed. Tips on how the codes are also provided on this site.

But hey! Before I can get to the park and roam around the city, I actually need to have a car, right? Guess, I need to have another discount coupon code, like the Dollar Car Rental Coupons, which I can, again, find online.

Now, if I have these coupon codes and use them for every online transaction that I do, I get to save a lot of money, plus time and effort. At, I will be aware on the advantages of renting a car from Dollar Car Rentals as they provide great deals for their customers – whether we rent more cars or we are the owner of the company who wanted to rent cars and other excellent deals – to show that they really value their customers.

I guess it’s time for me to look for some more discount coupon codes online now that I’m planning to go abroad…

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