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Almost all teenagers have gone through their “acne days” and that I’m sure, all of them dread those days. What’s worse is that, some still have the scars (of the past) from those irritating acne even years after the adolescent stage.

Good news! Teenagers of today’s generation, and even adults, too, need not worry of those annoying acne now as there is an easy, effective and best solution to fight this pimple problem, the Proactiv – the world’s most trusted anti-acne solution. Proactiv has already been proven and tested by real people so you don’t need to doubt the product’s efficiency . Actually, I can name some famous Hollywood celebrities that have tried and still trust Proactive. Some of the singers like Mandy Moore, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, Ryan Sheckler, Julienne Hugh and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others, trust Proactive, and you can try and see for yourself, too as it is now available here in the Philippines.

Still not convinced yet and want to learn more about Proactiv? Proactiv is the brainchild of doctors Katy Rodan and Kathie Fields, two of the outstanding Stanford-trained dermatologists, who worked hard to come with this excellent product that will surely ease our burden, when it comes to acne problems. What makes this anti-acne solution stand out from other similar products is that it does not just treat acne alone, instead, Proactiv can also provide you, their valued customers, with a clear, fairer skin if constantly used.

I guess, you’re now ready to take the challenge, then it’s time for you to try the Proactiv 30-day kit 3-Step System which includes Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Lotion plus Refining Mask and Face the Fact booklet as bonuses! All of this for only P2,495.00 only.

But wait! You can avail of great discounts by using the special discount promo codes below (you can only find this special codes in this blog) when you order Proactive online now. Here are the codes:

1. Get P150 discount from the 30-day kit. Code is PA303

2. Get P300 discount from the 60-day kit. Code is PA603

Remember, this promo codes are only valid until August 31, 2010, so what are you waiting for? Order online now> Just create an account, log in, and then proceed to the Products and Promos section. Click on the Order Now button and you’ll be taken to your shopping cart. Click checkout and fill in the form with the appropriate information. There will be a space provided where you can key in the promotional codes from this blog to get a discount. Use the unique codes to get big discounts and get them delivered to you free of charge! It doesn’t matter if you purchase online using credit card or bancnet or even if you opt to pay upon delivery or COD, you still get the discount.

What are you waiting for, place your order now by visiting this site:

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    1. yes.. this is really effective ate.. I have so many pimples and scars before but when my sister send me the proactiv kit from U.S. after 1 week all of my pimples fade away… amazing talaga toh.. Promiz… hehe.. lalo na ung proactiv revitalizing toner..

  1. I use SebaMed in washing my face. It works very well but not well enough to remove or prevent all pimples. Takes out scars slowly but surely. I use it up to twice daily. Though after i use it, my skin becomes very dry that i can feel it so i use Nivea facial moisturizer. You need a moisturizer with this product because you will regret not having this when you are using SebaMed. One bottle lasts me 6 months for around p3k. Each small bottle of my nivea costs only p189. Lasts for a month.

    I want to try this out so badly. The downside to this is the price and longetivity of the product. Its p2.5k (less than SebaMed) but then it lasts for only 30 days. A gigantic rip off if you compare it to sebamed. But i really want to switch to this because simply, it works from the words of celebrities and stories of customers on their website. Though i kind of understand why this product costs a lot. Its because you buy it in a pack of 3. SebaMed sells the facial wash individually which is a little downside but gets the job done.

    Good: i believe this will satisfy me 101%
    Bad: price and longetivity of this product

  2. i have seen this in a home shopping channel and god interested so i really went to watsons! but it is sooo expensive. maybe i can afford it one time, but how abut the maintenance? so i did not buy it. buhuhu i really think that it can solve my acne problems.

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