“Meet a Classic” By PLDT SME Nation and MINI Cooper

Having a business is not a joke. It requires great perseverance, strong will, enormous effort and of course your precious time. Aside from these mentioned qualities, choosing the nature of business to venture also proves to be a difficult task as you just can’t sell anything and everything that comes into your mind; choosing the type of products and/or services you want to provide your prospective customers must be something that also interests you – this is to ensure the lifespan of the business.
As for me, I happened to love gadgets and technology as a whole. This is the reason why I was so excited when I attended the “Meet a Classic” event hosted by the Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications (PLDT) SME Nation for small-and-medium entrepreneurs (SME) from the GMM South-West. The theme of the said event was “Classicism, Performance and Speed packed in small packages”. This is in line with PLDT SME Nation’s partner, the MINI Cooper.

During the event, one of the highlights brought by PLDT SME Nation was the PLDT FASTrack. This is a remote monitoring and tracking service, which bundles a high-tech navigation software with GPS-enabled pocket-sized device; this also enables SMES to track, monitor and locate field agents in transit, as well as assets and goods during deliveries.

The aim of PLDT SME Nation is to provide the entrepreneurs with the leisure time they need and a break from the having a stressful work in running their own businesses. During the said event, the participants are awed by the MINI Coopers exhibited by the exclusive club of MINI Cooper’s owners, Pinoymini.com. They enjoyed roaming around the showroom and scrutinizing every model of MINIs. Another treat to the entrepreneurs is the night of mouth watering cocktails brought by PLDT SME Nation.

S.P.I.T, or The Silly People Improve Theater, also graced the event with their performance which made the ambience of the event light through their hilarious, outrageous frolics.

If you want to know more about the PLDT SME Nation and how it can better serve your business, you may call 101-888 or visit www.pldtsme-nation.com.ph.

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