Know Why Suzie Entrata-Abrera Switched to Golden Fiesta Palm Oil

One of the secrets to cooking and serving your family with good food is to use the right cooking oil, which is not just affordable and will give value for your money, but most importantly, it is good for you and your loved one’s health. You may say that all cooking oil is the same. No! That’s not true. Some cooking oil are made from coconut oil, while others, like Golden Fiesta, are made from palm oil.

You may wonder, “What is the difference between coconut oil and palm oil?” Palm oil helps keeps our hearts and bodies healthy because it is free from cholesterol, as compared to coconut oil. Also, palm oil has a higher smoke point than coconut oil, which makes the palm oil tolerant to a much higher heat temperature. Because of this high heat tolerance, you can be rest assured that the food you’re cooking or frying will not burn easily when using high cooking
temperature, this in turn, allows the preservation of the food’s original flavor and, of course, its unique texture.

Because of the listed benefits of palm oil, more moms, like celebrity mom, Suzie Entrata-Abrera, are switching to Golden Fiesta Palm Oil, which is made from 100 % pure palm oil. We are aware of the fact that every mom only wants to
serve their family with good and healthy food that every member of the family will surely enjoy and truly appreciate.

Like Suzie, who is a mother to her three (3) daughters, Leona, Jade, and Nela, and a wife to Paulo, she loves to cook for them and enjoys doing it, too! Her kids, who constantly crave for fried foods, like chicken, hotdog, and pork chop, always look forward to her fried recipes, while her husband, Paulo, who loves to eat Thai food, is often excited to go home to see what Suzie has prepared for him.

What Suzie really loves about Golden Fiesta Palm Oil is that it contains Omega 9, which is famous to be good for the heart and increases good cholesterol but decreases bad cholesterol, which may be one of the causes of certain heart  diseases and stroke. Aside from those health facts, Golden Fiesta Palm Oil is also fortified with Vitamin A that is known to help improve eyesight, fight infections and can assist in building the children’s strong and healthy teeth and tissues.

Now, what are you waiting for, make the big switch now and serve your loved ones with healthy recipes in a much more affordable price.

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