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Since Singapore is a land of many varied opportunities, I’m planning to go to Singapore this month or next month to look for a job.

Singapore being only four hours away from Manila, is a great place to start job hunting for Filipino’s wishing to work abroad for more money.

Singapore with its 2 is to 1 dollar to Singapore dollar ratio is a great alternative for those Filipino’s who do not wish to work in the gulf states far-away from home. The city-state still offers great earning capacity but without the “home-sickness” attributed to living and working in the middle-east.

Singapore indeed is becoming a haven for Filipino workers wishing to enjoy the best of both worlds – a country no to far from the Philippines with the “Salary-power” to boot.

I’m eyeing for hotel work or call center. But I think I need to take apidexin to lose some weight. I hope being overweight is not restriction in applying jobs in Singapore.

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  1. Hi there! I wish you good luck on your job hunting! I am also an aspiring hotelier to land on a good job there in Singapore. I’ve already bought tickets and will be flying there by the 3rd week of this month.

  2. Hi! I wish you luck as well. I, like you, will be migrating to Singapore this August to be with my husband. I will look for work but plan to take a much needed break first before venturing into the business world again. =)

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