Filipinos love fried recipes, especially fried chicken, pork, hotdogs and even French fries; but since more and more people are becoming more health conscious lately, they tend to look for a better, cheaper but healthy alternative of preparing, cooking and eating the food they always craved.

Good news. As celebrity mom, Dawn Zulueta talks about “less worry, more healthy” in her latest TV commercial on Golden Fiesta Palm Oil. According to her, “less is more”. This means that by using Golden Fiesta Palm Oil, you get less worry because it is made from 100% palm oil and contains Omega 9, a well known “good for the heart” source that keeps bad cholesterol lower to prevent us from having heart diseases and strokes. But not just that, Golden Fiesta Palm
Oil is also fortified with Vitamin A that is popular to promoting good eyesight and helps build stronger teeth, among others. With these healthy facts, you will get less worry, which in turn, will give you more…more health.

With this healthy alternative, Dawn prefers using Golden Fiesta Palm Oil, especially when making her favorite stir-fried vegetables, while for her kids, she cooks the all time kid’s favorite fried chicken and burgers and of course, for her husband, Davao del Norte Rep. Anton Lagdameo, she enthusiastically prepares his favorite French fries. Although you might say that this kind of food is unhealthy, Dawn is happy to say that this food can turn into a healthy snack with the use of Golden Fiesta Palm Oil.

Now, Dawn is pleased to announce that Golden Fiesta Palm Oil is now more affordable with less P15* and P30* from the original suggested retail price of one liter and two liters, respectively.

So, for moms out there as well as to all who love to cook, it’s time for you to have less and get more with Golden Fiesta Palm Oil.

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