Winners of the Then & Now Music Festival 2010!!


Here are the names with valid entries:

1 Rhealyn de Leon
2 Lloyd Suarez
3 Marc Louie Pulanco
4 Roy Dela Cruz Kabiling
5 Melcy Joy Junio
6 Dang Hufemia
7 Michael Xp
8 Jom Taccad
9 Daisy Benito
10 Daphne Chiu
11 Rhea Benito
12. Claire Arzaga
13. Nicely Rom
14. Nino Benito
15. Iris Rebao-Pulga
16. Florencio Jusay Jr.
17. Lyn Usero
18. Joanna Lim
19. Mee-i Velasco
20. Almond Roca
21. Cathy Teodoro

So without further adieu, here are the winners:

Winner #1 is Daphne Chiu

Winner #2 is Lloyd Suarez

Winner #3 is Iris Rebao-Pulga

Each winner will receive 2 Silver tickets to the Then & Now Music Festival 2010.  Please wait for my message (in Facebook) on how to claim your prizes.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!!!  And, also, I want to thank everyone  for joining! =)

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  1. I didn’t know that i’ve won this contest…i just found out by searching my name on google…i wasn’t notified!!!…i’m so sad, because i was yearning to win this before…

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