Port forwarding is one area where people get confused the most. The reason is that each router manufacturer has their own different way of doing it.

The term Port Forwarding is referred to the technique of forwarding a network port from one particular machine to another machine. This technique is usually applied when the receiving machine is behind a network router.

In one sentence, portforwarding makes the internet see your computer as if it were directly connected rather than being connected though a router.

Port Forwarding can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing. But using port forwarding software, setting up is easy as one two three.

iForwarder and upRedSun offers a port forwarding software that is designed to be easy, efficient and fun to use. . This powerful port forwarding software will let you Infinitely port forwarding until the destination ip address is reached. Windows, Solaris and Linux are all supported. Integrating http proxy function will let all of your computers share the same internet connection to surf internet. At the same time, it can turn non-SSL aware software into safely software by using SSL tunnel technology.

If you want to know more about port forwarding, you may contact iForwarder and upRedSun Technologies.

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