Yesterday, May 19, 2010, my husband and I, together with my two nieces witnessed the Eastwood City’s unveiling of their very first 3D Cinema. During this momentous 3D cinema launch, some celebrities were present to grace the event and be among the firsts to experience a one of a kind three dimensional (3D) movie experience with Eastwood Cinema’s technological viewing advancement.

Some of the Philippine movie stars who witnessed the 3D cinema opening were Kevin Tan, Gab Valenciano (son of Gary Valenciano) and Ms. Kris Aquino, who was with her two sons, Josh and Baby James. Representatives from United International Pictures (UIP) were also present during the occasion.

The Eastwood Digital 3D Cinema uses the Christie Solaria CP2230 Digital Cinema Projector, the brightest digital cinema projector in the Christie Solaria series. The Eastwood Digital 3D Cinema is also 4k ready.

The cinema has a seating capacity of 215. Tickets are sold at P350.00 and comes with a tumbler of popcorn and a drink.

What made the Eastwood City 3D Cinema launching more enjoyable and exciting, especially for me and nieces, is the advance 3D screening of one of my most favorite animated movies, Shrek Forever After. We truly enjoyed the movie because of the sturdy but stylish 3D colored glasses plus the comfort of those reclining seats that made our viewing experience really unforgettable, aside from the fact that I’m watching Shrek, of course!

The 4th sequel of this animated movie, Shrek Forever After, is also known as Shrek: The Final Chapter. Originally, this 4th part is not supposed to be the last sequel but since Shrek 5 was junked due to some reasons, Shrek Forever After is now the final installment. Shrek: The Final Chapter is similarly based on various colorful fairy tale characters and themes, just like the first three chapters, so I’m sure the whole family, especially the kids, will surely love it!

The voice-overs of the main characters are still the same personalities like Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona, Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots, Julie Andrews as Queen Lillian and more.

Just like the previous Shrek movies, our dear Ogre (Shrek) will go through various adventures and must surpass various tests to succeed in his chosen life. This is where the fun begins as many will come his way to stop him, but with the help of his friends, like Donkey and Puss, he will eventually successfully make it.

Shrek Forever After is scheduled for regular showing on May 21, 2010 in the US, while in UK, it will be shown on July 2nd, 2010. But here, in newly opened Eastwood City 3D Cinema, Shrek Forever After will be regularly shown tomorrow, May 20, 2010.

I tell you, you must watch this unforgettable animated movie at Eastwood City 3D Cinema to remarkably enjoy and appreciate Shrek and his friends in 3D.

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  1. I have watched this movie but not online since I don’t have time to watch it on cinema…It’s a good story though not quite good for a finale. I think the best Shrek movie part is the previous one, the Shrek The Third…

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