Make a Statement with Beaded Curtains

Many people dream of owning their own house, but this can be a rather expensive dream, and it definitely does not happen overnight. While saving up for a house, many people usually opt to rent out small apartments, probably in the less opulent areas of the city. Apartment buildings in these locations may offer less expensive units, but sometimes the quality of the units can be lacking as well.

That is my dilemma. I want to have a new look to our unit. I’m planning to remove the door in our bedroom and replace it with beaded curtains.  Also, Beaded Curtains make windows colorful and are especially good if you want a dramatic entrance to a room.

Besides being used for doors and windows, beaded curtains are also used to divide a room. They are commonly used in small shops or restaurants to cordon off the storage room or kitchen. You can also use beaded curtains to divide you room. They are used to cover open closets, sleeping quarters and storage areas.

Anyway, I checked Zappobz and they have updated designs and styles of bead curtains. has a large variety of beaded curtains if an assortment of beautiful colors and beads. If you’re into beaded curtains too, you better check Zappobz’ products.

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