How to Find Great Meeting Rooms

When holding a conference or meeting, conference organizers and project managers will look for suitable meeting rooms to host their events. The first step when planning this is to set a proposed date, look for a preferred location and budget. With this is mind, the hunt for the perfect venue can start.

Make sure you’ve selected a location that’s convenient for all the attendees at the meeting – not just geographically, but in terms of accessibility and ease of travel, too. If people are being required to attend the meeting from long distances, consider the possibility of arranging videoconferencing or Internet conferencing facilities – your chosen venue may charge extra for these facilities, but it will save some of the delegates from making a long and time-consuming journey when they could be using that time to far better effect back in the office!

A perfect location depends on the desired need for a strong setting, good transport links and nearby facilities. Most hotels provide meeting rooms. Holiday Inn offers business meeting rooms in over 120 hotels across the UK and Ireland, providing an unparalleled choice of event venues. Whether you’re booking conference rooms for a business meeting, or a banqueting suite for a wedding, we have the perfect location.

Choosing a location outside a city can, however, have its advantages. If preparing a one-off conference, getting away from a city center can be unwise. On the other hand, if you are planning an event that will last for a full day of perhaps even a few days, going outside the box can have a beneficial effect. As long as the opportunity to hire a hotel room is there, many people will be willing to attend this event.

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