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At around ten in the morning yesterday, I was at the SM Megamall, having breakfast with my friends. Actually, I was reunited with the two of my closest friends, Julie and Imee, whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years already. Since, we really missed spending time together, we unanimously agreed that we will make this day our “bonding time” day and to update each other with the latest in each of our lives.

I suggested visiting the Spa instead of doing the usual things like watching a movie, where we can have a bonding time together in a different way and make ourselves pampered, at the same time. They gladly approved the idea and my fellow blogger, Rowena, suggested that we try the Ahavia. So, at around 11:00 in the morning, after our breakfast, we are already at the Ahavia Lounge Spa.

At Ahavia, we excitedly decided to try the Sweet Sweet Serenity package, which includes: A Romantic Relaxation, Sweet Chocolate Body Polish, Nail Spa Care (Spa Manicure and Pedicure) but instead of the romantic relaxation offered in the package, we opted for the anti stress thermal therapy; same with the Sweet Chocolate Body Polish, which we exchanged for the Botanical Strawberry Scrub, that really made us feel “flawless”, at the same price, take note. Aside from the package, we also had an additional hair treatment called, “THAT MINTY FEELING”, it really feels minty after…lol

What is so special and memorable about this Spa experience, aside from the bonding time with my long lost friends, are the funny moments that occurred that really made our day. Let me tell you some of them, but promise me that you’ll never tell my friends that I shared it here.

Anyway, the three of us are in the same room naked, yes! totally naked, mind you, during the whole spa session. It was not totally, blindly dark inside the room, so you can just imagine what took place inside while the three of us are being pampered by the staffs with the body massage and scrub, therapy, etc…Need I say more? Hahaha…I guess the funny moments there were for the three of us to keep…

Anyway, at around five in the afternoon, we left the place feeling so revitalized, revived, anew, energized and so on and so forth… We then went back to SM Megamall and had our dinner at Bigby’s.

When I went out for a while to withdraw my money, these naughty friends of mine playfully told the waiter that it’s my birthday! Imagine?! And when we were done eating, I was surprised by a birthday song and an ice cream (courtesy of Bigby’s). Well, what can I say? They’re free! But if you’ve seen my face, it’s really hilarious, believe me. Then, we just laughingly and boisterously enjoyed the meal.

Here’s more…some of the waiters, had a crush on my friend, Julie, they’re so playful that they even asked to take some pictures with us that we willingly granted and we even teased them.

I can truly say that this is indeed a “One Fine Day”. We went home with a smile on our faces with a plan to visit the Spa together next time, probably once a month. My friends and I lightheartedly called this day a Kinis (Flawless) Day…

Hopefully, we share the same fun next time with my plan of searching for the best acne treatments or best weight loss pills LOL. Now, I’m excited for the next visit to Ahavia…

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  1. sarap ng feeling, nakapagpa-spa na nakapag-bonding pa with long lost buddies. we did that too, with 3 of my h.s friends last July2009. =)

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