Making the Album

The record was a longer journey to make it, but it was definitely the most fun I’ve had making a record, because I didn’t know where it was going for a change.

At the beginning of the record it was almost like a struggle of faith. I was looking for an answer that I sort of expected to be given to me. I think (I realized) by the end of the record, and the last song that details it, that you don’t get an answer. You’re not really supposed to get an answer and no one’s supposed to give you what you’re looking for. You’re just supposed to come to the right place in your own time.

“Belle of the Boulevard”

When we made “Belle of the Boulevard”, on my demo I have some pretty awful string arrangement that I did, so the idea of having a string arrangement was there from pretty early on. I just assumed Johnny, our guitar player, would come up with something orchestral, but the more we talked about it we realized that there’s something with strings that they can be saccharine, you know, they can be in the way and Butch (Walker) suggested that if we took it to somebody who is a master of that craft, it would fit without ever being the focus and that’s now my favorite part of the song. Tony Visconti, is a legendary string arranger, you know, he’s worked with Bowie – everybody knows this guy. And so that was the benefit of working with Butch, where he has friendships and relationships with people. Never in a million years would it occur to me that we could get him (Tony Visconti) to make an arrangement for us. Butch turns and calls him on the phone: “Can you do this? I’ll send you the song.” Tony called back an hour later: “I love this song. I’ll have it to you tomorrow. ”

Growing up around music

I don’t really remember any time in my life without music. My mom’s a musician. She’s phenomenal. We grew up without much means, but one thing we did have in the house was a piano. So it was constantly amazing to hear music in our house all day long, all day, all day, all day. My mother loved music as a music fan. So either she was playing the piano or she was playing records. You don’t even realize that it influences you until you realize that you actually look at your- like in the moment, as you’re having a life experience, you realize that there is a soundtrack in there somewhere, because there was music going on. So sometimes I’ll hear a Beach Boys song and suddenly I’m in that apartment again. I know exactly what I was doing at the time when I heard that the first time, or the most important time I heard it.

The band configuration of Dashboard Confessional

The puzzle of my band: it consists of many pieces, but always consists of the same four guys for many years now. There’s John Lefler, who plays guitar, piano and kind of everything, and Scott Schoenbeck, who plays bass and Mike Marsh plays drums. And myself. And then we have tons of friends who join us when they can and we’re open for it. That was the idea in the beginning of the band. When I started it by myself, all my friends are musicians and I wanted to play with all of them. So I thought if I called it by my own name, without a band name, that it would be too exclusive. They wouldn’t feel invited in. But I thought if I gave it a band name they could be in the band if they were there that night.

There are times when we tour as a band and there are times when I tour by myself or maybe just with Johnny. Those times when your music is more exposed are important. But they’re both vital experiences.

“Alter The Ending” is not a concept record in that if you listen to the songs in order you’ll know the story. It was a struggle to find an order that didn’t tell the wrong story. So I would sequence them. I didn’t know what feeling I was looking for. I didn’t know what I wanted to feel, having heard the whole record in sequence. I just knew I wasn’t getting that feeling. And at some point you have to trust your gut, you know. So I must have sequenced it every way that you could possibly do it, only knowing what the first and last songs were going to be.

So I knew that I knew the story, had a beginning and a last chapter and somewhere in the middle was the meat of it. And if told out of order, it would become the wrong ending. So somehow I managed to find what I hope is the right order. I get the feeling even now when I listen to it over again that it’s right. I know what I’m supposed to feel.”

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