Winema – The first interactive cinema in the Philippines


Weeeeeee! The first interactive cinema in the Philippines is finally ready by April 30 at SM Megamall Cinema 1!

What is Winema?
A first and only in the Philippines, Winema at SM Cinema is a groundbreaking innovation which turns the whole movie audience into human joysticks through interactive cinema gaming. The project launched with Boink Out (an Arkanoid game) and Power Catcher (catching falling products) just in time for the blockbuster movies this summer.

How do you play Winema?
The elements of the game are fairly easy. With a motion sensitive camera, movie watchers will maneuver the character on screen left and right by waving their arms in the air according to the direction they want it to follow.

How long will Winema run?
Winema will run for 3 minutes so the movie audience need to accumulate as much points under the given time.

What’s in it for the audience?
Aside from playing Winema for free, the movie audience that gets to beat the high score will receive a prize for each audience member. So as they say, focus!

Why “Winema”?
SM Cinema dreams of creating a bond for families and friends who watch movies in its theatres. Winema is consistent with SM Cinema’s brand personality—young, fun, and interactive. Ergo, aside from the wordplay, Winema (“We Interact with the Cinema”) aims to unite the movie audience with one unique concept.

How would the game know who to follow?
Winema games are able to detect multiple physical movements from the movie crowd through its Tolerance Factor. It will follow the summation of the group’s physical movements. For example, 80% of the people directed to the right, then the game character will as well. With the strict programming of this aspect of the game and the large number of participants, the possibility of the program getting “confused” will be insignificant.

Winema Games
To ensure the novelty of this breakthrough for loyal SM Cinema patrons, new games will be introduced regularly.

For the first two months of Winema, these are the games to be launched:

1. Boink Out (Arkanoid Game)- Use the ball to break the bricks!

2. Power Catcher – Don’t litter in the cinema! Catch the popcorn and other different items.

Your Brand can OWN IT
With this, we are happy to inform you that brands like yours have the opportunity to “own it” for a period of one (1) year or more wherein characters of the game can be duly customized based on your requirement.
Such cinema interactive game is currently being done in the US, and brands who have chosen to “own it” have experienced a significant increase of brand preference by their customers. This is primarily due to the high impact awareness that it creates via viral marketing and media exposure.
We will be more than willing to sit down with you to discuss further this once in a lifetime opportunity to be the FIRST to OWN IT!

Where Winema will be available?
Winema launched at SM Digital Theaters in SM Megamall Cinema 1. In a few months, it will be available in other branches.

Photos during the Winema Launch

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  2. I really don’t see how this is any fun for movie goers like us. I tried this once and I’m very disappointed.

    We go to the cinema to watch a decent movie not play games. If we want to play, we would go to time zone or just play wii at home.

    Renovate the cinemas to get more customers. The seats are too small, and the place smells.

  3. I like that the movie tickets are more affordable but please try to also allocate the “game” funds to improving the facility so people will be more comfortable. Just a piece of advice. Thank you pinayads

  4. This has no relevance to watching movies at all. The pictures and videos look better than what it really is. Maganda pa talaga manood sa Eastwood.

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