Every day, we spend at least an hour in the bathroom. That fact highlights the importance of spending some time to make your bathroom flooring not only functional but also safe. Many people do not realize that bathroom flooring can be very dangerous when wet. According to the National Safety Council, slips and falls are the single largest cause of Emergency Room visits. A high-risk environment can be created when a floor becomes wet, especially in an environment such as a bathroom which is subject to excess water. Because such risk exists, steps should be taken to ensure floors are treated to reduce risk of slips or falls.

Bathrooms combine several dangerous elements that can result in injury. Most bathrooms are made of tile or other hard flooring, and have showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets that can splash water on the floors and make them slippery. Also, burns, drowning, and even medication overdose can all occur in the bathroom.

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in injuries such as head trauma, lacerations, broken bones, and chipped teeth. If you happen to be knocked unconscious, there is a chance that you can lay for hours alone in your bathroom, possibly drowning.

The best way to avoid these mishaps is therefore, a permanent solution – SURE STEP.

SURE STEP, by Interlake Chemicals. SURE STEP safety floor treatment is a one-time chemical treatment that makes floors non-slip. The science behind this is – SURE STEP creates a sophisticated tread design into the surface of floor, and increases the co-efficient of friction of the floor, making it non-slip. There is no change in the appearance of the floor, and absolutely no waiting time – the floor is ready for use immediately after the treatment.

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