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I’ve seen a lot of TV series already, whether local or foreign TV series. In fact, I even became an avid viewer of some of these series. What I love about watching TV series is that excitement it brings me every time I watch a new episode and once that episode has ended, it keeps me hanging and keeps me craving for more; this gives me reason to stay tuned.

Now, here’s another science fiction US TV Series brought to us by Fox Channel that will surely make my Monday nights occupied. I’m talking about Flash Forward.

Sounds like fast forward, right? It’s indeed the main plot of the series where people, in this series, experienced simultaneous global black out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds (137 seconds!). During these blackouts, the people claimed, as investigated by the FBI Agents, to have seen their future six months from the present. This unexplainable event changed the lives of the main characters of the series as they have already seen their future six months from now.

Sounds interesting? I bet it does! As I am now very thrilled to watch its third episode on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 10 in the evening at Fox Channel, which is Channel 50 on Sky Cable. The first episode premiered last Monday, April 5, entitled, No more good days, the second episode will be White to Play and the 3rd is 137 Sekunden. Overall the Flash Forward series will have 23 episodes.

The stars of this sure to be Blockbuster series are British actor Joseph Fiennes from Shakespeare in Love and Enemy at the Gates, who plays Los Angeles FBI agent Mark Benford, Sonya Walger (Lost) as trauma surgeon Dr. Olive Benford, John Cho (Harold and Kumar, American Pie Trilogy) as FBI special agent Demetri Noh, Christine Woods (House) as FBI agent Janis Hawk, Courtney Vance (Law & Order) as FBI assistant director Stanford Wedeck, Zachary Knighton (Ed) as surgical intern Bryce Varley, and Bryan O’Byrne (The International) as technician Aaron Stark.

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