Everybody’s Fine: A Heart-Warming Movie

We can now seldom see heart-warming films that bring family values and give us new perspectives as to how we deal with each member of our family. Forgive me for being a little bit sentimental today. This feeling has just popped out when I saw the drama movie about a family entitled, “Everybody’s Fine”. (Last March 29, I was invited to Everybody’s Fine special preview in MyCinema, Greenbelt 3)

“Everybody’s Fine” is a Miramax Films’ family dramedy starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell. The story revolves around a family where the father, Frank Goode portrayed by Robert DeNiro, whose wife has just departed, lives alone in a place far from his three (3) grown up children, Rosie (Drew Barrymore), Amy (Kate Beckinsale) and Robert (Sam Rockwell). Frank invited his children over dinner because he wants to see them but unfortunately, they bailed on him on the last minute. The father did not give up and immediately decided to surprise each of his children to reconnect with them, as well as, to see how they become successful in their lives. He was surprised to discover that everything seems not exactly what he expects. But the questions are, will his children allow him to see their true situation? Or will he be strong enough to accept the reality? Or would they be reunited again?

“Everybody’s Fine” will be exclusively shown at Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma starting on April 7, 2010.

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