AOC LED monitors: leading the way to a greener future

If you’ve seen the ill-effects of mercury poisoning, you’ll probably avoid products with mercury. Sadly, almost every office building in the metro has electronics devices that contain mercury. With the way things are replaced every now and then, you are never sure if these products containing mercury are disposed of properly.

LCD and CRT computer monitors contain mercury. These are also components of computers that get replaced or upgraded regularly. Keep in mind that once your old hardware goes in the trash, you’ll have no way of knowing if it will be safely disposed of.

Besides mercury, old computer monitors also use more electricity. An average household might not feel this effect, but companies like business processing outsourcing firms will see this reflecting on their monthly electric bills. With such an enormous power consumption, these companies are polluting the air more and more.

In a day when everybody’s working hard to conserve energy, reduce carbon footprints, and preserve the environment, products that do all these are hard to come by. That is why AOC introduced LED monitors to the country.

AOC was the first brand to launch LED monitors in the Philippines. Unlike CRT and LCD monitors, LED screens do not have mercury, making them safer for the environment.

LED, or light emitting diode, is a low consumption semiconductor light source. The working principle behind LED is electroluminescence, which was discovered in 1907. LED is commonly used for replacement of incandescent and neon indicator lamps. The technology was then moved to household products, thus bringing the LED era to homes.

LED screens also use less electricity, thus saving on electric bill, which is at least 30% less than an LCD consumption. This is because LED produces more light per watt than the material used in LCD or CRT monitors.

AOC monitors also have features like power saving modes that use only 50% energy of what you would use in any normal working condition.

AOC’s LED monitors cost just about the same as other branded LCD monitors. What end users do get with AOC is the stylish and multi-functional eco-friendly monitor, electric bill savings, and four-years warranty for a unit.

To give people an idea on how much electricity their PC monitors consume and how much it costs, AOC has also created an online calculator that computes these figures depending on the monitor type, number of monitors used, and how long they run.

With this tool, big companies such as call centers can easily compare the amount they’re paying for electricity and see the savings they’re getting if they switch to AOC’s LED monitors.

AOC also has an on-ground component, the power meter, to demonstrate the capabilities of the online calculator. This too will compute their total wattage and spending.

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