Justin Timberlake, Here I come!

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Weee! I’m super excited when I received a call that I have actually won 2 silver tickets for CHANGING LIVES concert featuring TIMBALAND Shock Value Tour II with JOJO and LIVE PERFORMANCE by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

I’ve been a fan of Justin Timberlake’s ever since he came out in *NSYNC! I love his music and his dance moves!!

These are some of my Justin Timberlake poster collection. (I have more in my closet… 😀 )

I’m really excited! I heard Justin Timberlake will perform at least eight songs!

Ooppps! I forgot the photo graduation invitations that my cousin sent me. I guess she’ll understand. Or I’ll try to go to her party after the concert.

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1 comment

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  1. It seems like Justin Timberlake is trying to demonstrate that his and Jessica Biel’s love is still strong. I do feel he seemed happier with his ex – Cameron Diaz however.

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