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Blogging is my full time career now and I’m so glad gone are those days where I need to wake up early and report to work daily. Now, my main goal is to earn $$$ at home, at my own time, as “many” as I can who doesn’t?!

One of the sites that brought me Dollars in just a short period of time is CPAlead. Although it is quite new in the business, I think, it had already served many bloggers/publishers online, like me. Signing up is free. I’m sure you’re now eager to learn about this and receive Dollars, too! Let me tell you about CPAlead.


I received my first CPAlead payment!

How to Set Up a Widget

Once you are accepted into CPAlead’s network, to setup a widget is your next step.

  1. Login into your CPAlead account.
  2. Click on the tab named ‘Widget.’
  3. On the sidebar, click ‘Create New Widget.’
  4. Click what type of content you want your offers to be related to (eBooks, Digital Images, File Downloads, Music, Video, Virtual Currency).
  5. Once you click your setting,  you should be brought to a page with a little widget in the middle that says “Downloadable …” or “Webpage with …”(click your desired setting)
  6. Then you can change the look of you widget
    • Select Skin
      – You can use your own skin or the default skin
    • Monetize Method
      • Free Surveys (Recommended):
        Surveys (Freebies, E-mail Submits, Market Research) typically take around 1-5 minutes to complete and DO NOT require your visitors to insert Credit Card information to obtain your content. A great way for your visitors to earn your content for free without coming out of pocket. Works best for USA and UK traffic.
      • Pay-by-Mobile (SMS):
        Your visitors can use their cells phones to unlock your content. Payments will be charged to your visitor’s phone bill. This option can be used in conjunction with Surveys and allows over 60 extra countries to obtain your content by simply txting (SMS) a message to the Widget. See Video Demonstration.
      • Paypal:
        Use your OWN PayPal account to receive payments directly from your visitors/users. When a payment is completed, your Widget will perform its unlocking action. This option is free to use minus the fees PayPal charges you. All transaction activity and statistics will be available on your PayPal account.
      • Trial Offers (For Higher Value Content):
        Pays out (converts) when your visitor inserts their Credit Card information for a service, however they are NOT charged immediately. This option allows your visitors sign up for a free month with another service, such as Blockbuster Online, to obtain your content. If they do not cancel this service before the trail period is over, they will be charged.
      • Purchase Offers (For Higher Value Content):
      • Like the infomercials, “Buy this and I’ll throw in a free (fill in the blank)”. A purchase offer is an opportunity for a potential customer to obtain your product AND get the product offered in the CPA Ad as well. Think of it as giving your potential customer an extra incentive to buy your product.
  7. Next, review your widget then click I Agree, Create This Widget
  8. Choose how would you like your Widget to appear
    • Page Load
      Your widget will be loaded and shown as soon as the page is loaded.
    • Button/Onclick
      Your widget will not be loaded until the onclick event is fired.
    • Enable ‘Adblock Protection’
      This extra code will redirect your users if they are using Adblock to attempt to block your widget.
    • Enable ‘Disabled Javascript Protection’
      This extra code will redirect your users if they are trying to block out the widget by disabling javascript.
  9. Copy the code
  10. Login to your blog
  11. Find the page or the video file you want to add the widget to and paste  code & you are done.

How to add CPAlead on your blogs?

CPALead is a powerful and effective method to monetize your site, if only you always bear this on your mind:

Always remember that not all sites are CPAlead-compatible, as it can only be effective with certain niches like those that provide Torrents, TV or movie streaming, e-book downloads, Coupons / Vouchers / Authentication Codes / Software, as well as those that are patient enough to make Facebook Apps.

Because if you don’t, you’ll end up annoying your readers/visitors and might shoo them away and make them never come back again. I’m sure you won’t like that.

Whether you’re using blogspot or wordpress, place the CPALead widget code after the “Read More” or code on every blog post/s you want your widget to appear.

For WordPress: (Be sure you’re in  HTML tab)

For Blogspot: (Be sure you’re in EDIT HTML tab)

Note: If an error shows up, just tick the box before “Stop showing HTML errors for the body of this post,”

Once the code was properly installed, your site/post will look like this:

I think, CPAlead will becoming more and more popular and utilized everyday as the company’s CPA network constantly innovates and think of a better idea to serve both of publishers and advertisers even better. They have the largest selection of incentive-based surveys to leverage your content and eventually make you monetize your site. Take me for instance, in just a matter fo two (2) days, I have already earned as much as $200! No sweat! All I have done is to carefully determine a post (from my blogs) which has the highest traffic and integrate the CPAlead code (for widget) on that post to increase the chance of it of getting “noticed”.

Most TV Series sites I know use CPAlead where when a reader goes to watch an episode, they are presented with a lightbox (that blocks out website content) that offers them offers to complete. In return for valuable information that advertisers want, the user will get access to all the episodes on the site, for life. Now, you’ll ask, how does it bring money to you?

Each of the said offers or surveys that the reader will answer or access has an equivalent payout so, if a task (survey) s completed, you will see the equivalent amount to that task posted on your account. The surveys payout ranges from $0.50 to $50 depending on the task which will also be related to the content of your site.

Already interested, sign here to get started immediately: CPAlead Sign-Up.

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  1. I guess CPALead is not for me. Konti lang traffic ko ang my posts are too personal for people to get interested. But as for you, I think pwedeng pwede ito. You have high traffic and many interesting posts!

  2. Hi Mommy Ruby,

    there are many ways naman how to use CPAlead, for example you have a file like ebooks or kahit forms lang, so before your readers can download your file, they need to answer a survey which is ung cpalead n nga.

    Or if you have a blog with tv series, try to look for TV / movie linking websites then comment k ng link mo dun.

    Kaya yan Mommy R. =)

  3. i agree with mommy rubz. parang di rin para sa akin ang CPALead, not unless gumawa ako ng isang niche blog na medyo interesting ang content…

  4. Hi Iris, we met at Blogger’s night at Marriott. I tried using CPA Lead in one of our sites and games yung lumalabas and the ‘not yet completed’ running icon did not stop until i installed the game in my PC. When it stopped, the CPALead message still could not close. Do you experience this?

    – Ginger

  5. Hi Ginger,

    Kasi not all of the countries have available survey. So mas maganda sya if your visitors are from US or other countries. Pag sa Philippines kasi mejo konti lang survey. Pero what I’m doing is I disable widget for countries with no surveys (you can find it under widget options) then I use the Close Button. So para d nman sila maturn off sa blog nyo..


  6. Kailangan ba na gumawa ako ng bagong site at dun ko idirect ang mga visitors ko? O pwede na kahit sa web site ko mismo? May mga videos din ako pero takot ako lagyan ng cpalead kasi baka magalit si google. Kasi sympre di makakapasok mga bots nia di ba?

  7. Sakin nangyayari imbes na yung survey may video na lumalabas? It’s very annoying so disabled ko muna for a while… Pano po ba yung direct na sa survey at walang video (Ads ng CPALead) na lumalabas? It’s annoying! Thanks!

  8. hello

    i am from the philippines…gusto ko talagang mag earn sa cpalead..pano ko ba i promote sa u.s. ito???paano ako kukuha ng u.s. visitors??? please help me…thanks po…

  9. @ark, di naman. Google will still crawl you. i mean your site. i own a movie site. i dont upload movies. i just search for then embed them. im not earning yet. bago pa kasi and most visitors are from PI. mejo copy-paste ang content pero i rephrase them. mahirap ng mapenalize. wordiness pays off in the long run

  10. just use cpa lead on my blogger blog today and got deleted by google. I think they delete na yata ngayon pag nilagyan mo ng cpalead ang blogger blog.

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