FOX, World’s No. 1 US TV series channel now in Philippines


Philippines, first Southeast Asian country to launch FOX

American TV series are such big hits in the Philippines that it really was just a matter of time for the world’s No. 1 United States TV series channel to come to South East Asia (SEA). In several other Asian countries such as Japan, FOX has already emerged as the no. 1 channel on primetime in all cable networks in 2008 and 2009, according to average rating (RVCS2.0). Meanwhile, FOX has dominated local pay-TV markets as the No.1 channel in the western TV series genre in Korea for three consecutive years since 2007.

Finally, FOX Channel, home to some of US’s biggest hits like Prison Break, The Simpsons, and Lie to Me, is now available in the Philippines, making the country the first in South East Asia to launch the channel through Sky Cable Channel 50. This easily fulfills one item in the New Year’s wish list of TV fanatics who have been clamoring for the channel to make its present felt here with its top-rating series.

FOX is famous for headlining the best and the latest US series on its channel. It has a distinct identity of being bold, contemporary, irreverent, and cool which lay out well for its young to mid-age audience. The channel’s audacious personality is epitomized by its popular programs which are “SO FOX”. Its programs comfortably complement its viewers.

Catering more to a younger crowd with an intelligent yet dynamic taste, as well as the trendy, the edgy, and the outgoing, FOX now brings the same entertainment that the Philippines will surely enjoy. Among the favorites from FOX are Prison Break, The Simpsons and Lie to Me.

Prison buddies
Prison Break Season 4: Monday to Friday at 9 p.m.
Prison Break, now on its final season, has fugitive brothers Lincoln and Michael working for the government to retrieve a device that contains information on an advanced renewable power cell—a deal the brothers struck with Homeland Security agent Don Self to get their freedom or find themselves back in jail.

Tell the truth
Lie to Me: Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m.
Another to watch out on FOX is the Emmy-nominated drama Lie to Me, which is about a former police officer, Dr. Cal Lightman, who doubles as a “human lie detector,” an expert in reading facial and body language that gives away deception.

Opening up his own agency, the Lightman Group, he hires out his private investigation and crime solving services to government agencies, law enforcement, and other private clients.

With the help from his partners, clinical psychologist Dr. Gillian Foster and researcher Eli Loker, Cal explores wildly varying cases, bringing him face-to-face with some radical and often dangerous cases. But whatever the challenge or cost it may be, he’s only interested in one thing – the truth.

Some kind of a family
The Simpsons Season 20: Monday to Friday at 7 p.m.
The Simpsons is a regular hit with unprecedented success that span two decades as TV’s most successful animated series ever. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, viewers are assured of funnier punch lines from the family we all came to know and love. In this season’s kick-off episode, Homer takes up bounty hunting for extra money while Marge mistakenly takes a job at an erotic bakery.

In other episodes, Bart meets his doppelganger, Simon Woosterfield, a member of the richest family in Springfield, and Lisa infiltrates a convent in order to steal back Maggie who was accidentally taken in by nuns.

Other A-list celebs lending their voices this season include Denis Leary, Brian Grazer, Robert Forster, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

About FOX

FOX is the world’s No.1 US TV series channel entirely dedicating to the best and classic television series produced in the US. The channel is “SO-FOX” that has a top-quality schedule, headlining new and innovative series as well as classic big hits in a variety of styles, including comedy, drama, science fiction, action, animation, and reality. It targets a keen and demanding audience worldwide with smash hits like Prison Break, Lost, The Simpsons, Lie to Me and more. FOX has a leading audience reach across Japan, Korea, US, Latin America, the Middle East, Spain, and many other markets.

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