After the Fact” exhibit at Lopez Museum

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Being a blogger, library and museum is not really the places that I frequent because I have this notion that library and museums are only built and maintained only for historians, journalists or students who have history-related assignments that cannot find what they are looking for in the world wide web. But this kind of notion immediately vanished when I got a chance to enter the Lopez Museum and Library.

Last February 18, was the unforgettable 50th anniversary celebration of the Lopez Museum and Library. Finally, after five (5) decades of providing not just the Filipinos, but interested tourists, as well, the historical materials and other significant substantial things that define the true Filipino heritage, the Lopez Museum and Library commemorated their successful fifty years of untiring advocacy at the Rockwell Tent.

Yesterday, I was lucky to be invited to the Lopez Museum and Library. I never expected that I would be entertained but I was surprised to discover that I was entertained and awed by the “After the Fact” exhibit at Lopez Museum, where I learned so many important things about Filipino culture that I never imagined I’d be interested into; the artifacts and the paintings displayed at the museum, for instance, educated me of how our ancestors interestingly lived during their era and depict the very rich heritage of the Filipinos in the past.

After the Fact is base on the questions, “What and how did we do? Then what?” The exhibit depicts how a simple collection of mementos and rare items of the past evolved into the present and made the Lopez Museum and Library possible, as what it is now. “Then what?”, on the other hand, will give us an idea on what the founder, together with world’s renowned artists like Antipas Delotavo, Imelda Cajipe-Endaya, Keith Sicat and Gaston Damag, has in mind for the future of the museum and library.

The Library was filled with more than 19,000 rare book collections, which are preserved well for future reference. Some 17th century rare copies of books and manuscripts can also be found at the Library.

The exhibit tour was really an eye-opener for me to treasure the past and give importance to it and be proud to be a Filipino. Now, I am very eager to read the Unfolding: Half a Century of the Lopez Memorial Museum and Library, a coffee-Table publication that contains chapters on essential information on how the Library works, like how a rare book, for instance, is preserved and pertinent information about Eugenio Lopez Foundation that aimed to establish the element of historical continuity in our lives and leave a legacy that will last forever.

For you out there, who also wanted to have a glimpse of the past, I encourage you to grab a copy of this book for only P2, 800.00 (with a box) or you may opt to have it without a box, which is only P2, 500.00. Let us rediscover ourselves once again and discover who we really are by looking back at our past.

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