Lessons and Life in Avenue Q

In Avenue Q, a motley crew of humans and some furry puppets struggle to find jobs, make friends, have dates, and search for their ever-elusive purpose in life. Due to full puppet nudity, parental discretion is advised. It is a show with many messages that have resounded with the cast.

Asked what their favorite lines are from the shows and what they have learned from it, the cast had this to say:

Rachel Alejandro (as Kate Monster/Lucy The Slut)

Line: You gotta go after the things you want while you’re still in your prime…

Lesson Learned: I have always been the kind of person with big dreams with so many people and places in the world I still want to learn about and experience. I constantly feel like my life is too short for me to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Every time I sing it, I remind myself not to waste a minute of my youth and go for the things I want while I still can.

Calvin Millado (Brian)

Line: Everything in life is only for now.

Lesson Learned: This line struck me most as the only constant thing in life is change and we shouldn’t be afraid of it. We should embrace life’s unexpected surprises…Like joiningthe cast of Avenue Q!

Joel Trinidad (Trekkie Monster/Nicky/Bad Idea Bear)

Line: …and I found someone very special!

Lesson Learned: I didn’t actually learn anything from this particular line, but it did change my life. Because I myself did find someone very special. Yes, I’m a newlywed!

Frenchie Dy (Christmas Eve)

Line: Everything in life is only for now.

Lesson Learned: We can never tell how long our life will be, so let’s appreciate, be contented with and be thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given us.

Aiza Seguerra (Gary Coleman)

Line: If life gets you down, don’t sit on your ass and let it pass you by.

Lesson Learned: We all have our “not so good” moments pero if you choose not to do anything at maglulungkot lungkutan ka nalang and blame everybody for what’s happening to you, walang mangyayari sa iyo. Every day is an opportunity to change your life.

Felix Rivera (Princeton/Rod)

Line: Everything in life is only for now.

Lesson Learned: Unexpected good things and blessings can come anytime (like getting to do Avenue Q again), and though we bask in these blessings, we should not waste time in taking advantage of them and growing from them (and being thankful for them), because they will only be “for now”. But what we can gain from these momentary blessings will last forever.

Source: The Philippine Star,”Q-Tips From Avenue Q”, Entertainment Section, February 1, 2010.

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