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My brother is planning to get an accpunt to one of known service providers in our place. However, I asked him to check Data Card blog since it provides information about different mobile broadband and internet service providers. This site contains the latest news and reviews about different data cards available world wide.

I found a reasonable and cost effective USB Modem for uninterrupted internet connection, Reliance NetConnect USB Modem.

Here are the features of this data card by Reliance Netconnect Broadband:
* Provides wireless broadband connection to Laptops & Desktops.
* The speed of connectivity is nearly 20 times faster and is nearly up to 3.1 Mpbs.
* There is no complicated installation system just Plug & Play!
* Fastest uploads at a speed up to 1.8Mbps
* Flawless network across 20,000 towns and 4.5 lac villages
* The wireless connectivity and coverage area of Reliance NetConnect USB Modem includes nearly 40+ cities across the nation and also provide international roaming to most destinations across the world.

I wonder if I can get one for us.

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