Belle de Jour Passion Series: An Introduction To Yoga

Belle de Jour’s first get-together of the year is all about Passion 🙂

This year, Belle de Jour are introducing the BDJ PASSION SERIES: their way to encourage girls within the BDJ Community to cultivate their interests and discover new passions while having fun with each other. 🙂

They will be having intimate pocket events focusing on lifestyle activities such as yoga, Barre 3, book club and outreach where you girls can try something new while getting to know each other. 🙂

The first installment of the BDJ Passion Series is an introduction to yoga to be conducted by Pulse Yoga. This happens on March 6, Saturday, 3-5pm at the Pulse Studio in Makati.

“Life can be complicated, a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have to be. Explore yoga, find yourself.”

This will be an intimate affair, open to ACTIVE Belle de Jour Girls. To make this a bit more interesting, Belle de Jour will be offering exclusive invites to the FIRST 30 GIRLS to submit a photo of 5 USED BDJ 2010 COUPONS.

E-mail your photo, name, e-mail address and cellphone number to and await our confirmation e-mail. Belle de Jour are accepting submissions from February 23 to March 3, 2010.

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