American Idol Andrew Garcia: Filipino or Not


Many are asking if Andrew Garcia is Filipino or Fil-Am. To stop you from wondering, Andrew is not a Filipino, he is Mexican. But he’s married to a Filipina and known friend of Filipino online artists such as AJ Rafael and Gabe Bondoc.

A filipino or not, Andrew Garcia is one of the favorite from top 24 of American Idol Season 9. Watch his audition in LA where he sang “Sunday Morning” and Hollywood Round 1 where he sang “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul.

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  1. whoah… i don’t even care if he is Filipino…im filipino, but i really like how he sings…genius as he is..good luck…

  2. His paula adula’s “Straight Up” version sounded like the recorded version of Regine Velasquez. His version’s tempo is a little upbeat but tune-wise its almost them same.

  3. FILIPINO!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT. what, he aint filipino? But he’s married to one!

    Thats good in my books.


  4. hehe! filipino and mexican have a lot in common sice both countries were colonized by spain… some pinoys looks like mexicans and some mexicans looks lke pinoy d only deffrence s thier language…anyway i like him and he’s a gud singer gudluck andrew.

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