McDonald’s TV commercial “Tween”


One of the most important recent developments in advertising to kids has been the defining of a “tween” market (ages 8 to 12). In line to this, McDonald’s or McDo released a new TV commercial called Tween.

McDo’s Tween commercial was first aired in the Philippines last Saturday and it became the talk of the town. So for my curiosity, I looked for McDo’s Tween commercial in youtube.

Honestly, I like the concept however there is something in the commercial which I feel is not right. Maybe, it’s the boy’s voice. How about you, what do you think?

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  1. McDonald’s just knows how to market well, and they show it through this ad once again. I know that they’d do anything to benefit from, but aside from that, the youth is benefiting from it too, as there’s this “tween” age range that becomes recognition from it. I bet other companies, not only food chains are going to pay attention to this too.

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