Discover 31 days of Holiday Magic at Eastwood City

Eastwood City is like a huge Christmas package: the excitement all the more intensifies as you unfold the wrapper one layer at a time. There’s something to discover layer upon layer that never fails to bring that magical twinkle in every kid’s eye. Aside from the many events and activities in store at Eastwood, there are also a lot of Christmas corners that would surely be of interest to habitués.

Discover 31 days

Each corner of Eastwood City speaks—or rather yells—of Christmas. A dreamland comes to life and instantly, one’s childhood Christmas memories are created, and for the older ones, reverberate. The different lifestyle centres within Eastwood City have signature designs that make people a-snapping their digital SLRs uncontrollably.

dj9dhhq_2dm8v8vgg_bIt must be the first time that Manila mall rats have seen such an ingenious Christmas door sticker. The Eastwood Mall sliding glass door entrances to the Open Park bear cute and heart warming stickers that people can’t help but be amazed. The more popular side is the one that shows a couple kissing underneath a mistletoe.

dj9dhhq_3czgbpndf_bThe other side, meanwhile shows two women with shopping bags. And when the door closes…


.. the women will be met with their adorable kids!


The Eastwood Mall dancing fountain show will also be dancing to well loved Christmas songs


Meanwhile, for those who dream of a White Christmas, Eastwood City made it come true for you. At the Eastwood City Walk 2, is The Christmas Village at Eastwood City. Life size houses dot the scale village surrounded by trees sprinkled with adorable lights and embellishment.

On all weekends of December novelty and gift shops will become the Village Neighbors selling unique Christmas gift ideas.

This year, the Eastwood City Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! tradition is back every Saturdays and Sundays of December, making it a truly White Chrtistmas Village at Eastwood City.

Schedules are:

6-6:30 and 9-9:30pm.


There’s also a giant Christmas tree at the Eastwood Mall arcade


Also to catch for at the Eastwood Mall is the Santa’s Corner every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of December, 1PM, at the Eastwood Mall Atrium.

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