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MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud) break up; turned to MJSA (Made Juris Solo Artist):

I’ve been a fan of MYMP for years. But hearing the news about disbanding of MYMP really breaks my heart.

Here’s some excerpts from FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (Philstar News Service,

The other night, the duo M.Y.M.P. (Make Your Mama Proud) Juris Fernandez and Chin Alcantara won the top award for Group Artist of the Year at the first Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Music held at the Sky Dome of SM North EDSA.

It was a happy-sad victory for the duo who wasn’t present at the awards. Instead, it was talent manager Noel Ferrer who received the trophy on their behalf.

The manager thanked Noel and said, “Congrats sa album natin. Pero ‘yon na ang last nina Juris at Chin as a duo. Juris is going solo.”

Sad, isn’t it? As the song goes, some good things never last…

“Nalungkot ako,” sighed Noel.

Juris quit the duo after Chin “booted” her and her manager Carla Lozada out due to disagreement over an “exposure” in the A.S.A.P. Sessionista.

Added Noel, “Juris is slated to launch her long-overdue solo album under Star Records, with five songs produced by Chin. The other original cuts were done by Jimmy Antiporda, Ryan Cayabyab and Gary Valenciano.”

No, Juris won’t be using her M.Y.M.P. “connection” anymore.

Well, good luck to Juris. For sure she will be a successful solo artist. But it will be different seeing her perform without Chin. Anyway, Chin is looking for a new partner.

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  1. Comments in the Internet of Barbara Barbaro of PUP, Manila. Reprinted by a friend.


    1) Walang kamoti-motibo si Chin para mag threaten kay Juris o kay Carla Lozada man:
    A) Si Chin pa nga ang nag-encourage kay Juris na mag-record ng isang solo album, for the sake of variety, because Chin believed in Juris more than Juris believed in herself. Alam ng mga close friends nila yan. Chin is the producer of Juris’ soon-to-be released solo album.
    B) Kilala sa band circle ang pagkabatikan ni Chin sa pag self-evolve ng mga bandang pinamunuan niya, from rock band, to show band, to acoustic band, and back to full band. Kasama na dito ang subok na kakayahan niyang mag-arrange ng love songs, soul music, RnB, jazz, at light rock.
    C) Hindi maikakaila ang “craftiness” ni Chin sa pagsanay at pagpapatingkad ng talento ng sinumang mapili niyang bokalista, babae man o lalaki. Iyan ay hindi nagawa ng mga dating nakabanda ni Juris.
    Kaya mahirap paniwalaan ang naturang bintang. Ang alam ko ay madaling natanggap ni Chin ang eventual departure of, but not the deplorable and high-handed treatment he received from, Carla and Juris. He has bigger and novel ideas to pursue as founder and leader of MYMP.
    2) Ngayong malapit ng i-release ang solo album ni Juris, huwag namang gumamit ng threat-gimmick promotion ang mga handlers ni Juris at Chin’s expense.
    3) Itong si manager Carla Lozada ay talagang natuto nang mag-dirty tricks buhat ng magka-boyfriend, na anak ng isang ABS-CBN bigwig, na inagaw niya kahit malapit na sanang ikasal yung lalaki.
    4) Below the belt yang threat-gimmick promotion na iyan. Minahal din ni Chin si Carla. They lived-in for more than 4 years. During those years ay kinupkop si Carla ng pamilya ni Chin at itinuring na higit pa sa isang miyembro ng pamilya, hanggang sa lumaki ang kita niya upang makaupa na ng apartment. Kahit bukod na sila ng bahay ay may ilang taon pa rin silang on. Chin moved on after their breakup. He is moving on now, after professionally breaking up with Juris, and will continue to evolve like many times before when he parted with Nina, Brix Ferraris,


    Jimmy Bondoc, Fritz Ednacot, etc. Said partings happened without the pompous maneuverings (pagmamarangya) ng mga handlers ni Juris.
    5) Wala namang ganyanan. Kaya tinanggal si Chin ay dahil hindi na niya masikmura silently ang pandidikta sa kanya ng mga planong patungo na sa kabakyaan na naayon sa manipulation ni Carla at ng kanyang mga co-conspirators. Sanay na sanay na nga si Chin sa pag-o-organize at pagre-reorganize ng mga banda. Ang ginagawa ng mga handlers ni Juris ay nilalagyan ng media spin ang sulsol nilang mag-solo na agad si Juris, at si Chin ang fantasy villain sa media spin. We don’t want that to happen, do we?
    6) Sinong may matinong pag-iisip ang maniniwalang coincidence lamang ang nalalapit na launching ng solo album ni Juris sa paglabas ng mahalay na threat-gimmick promotion na iyan?
    7) Bakit pa magde-demanda si Chin? Eh, di lalong magkaka-media mileage yang threat-gimmick promotion nila, at sa mas murang halaga pa. At isa pa, madaling palusutin ng corporate lawyer ng mga bumu-bully kay Chin na wala daw malice ang PR writer, diyaryo, at source (sic). Even the lawyers of Chin say, “We will be playing into their hands kapag nagdemanda tayo. Who wouldn’t see through their gimmick, anyway?”
    8) Alam ng mga fans na naging very protective, like an elder brother, si Chin kay Juris sa mga madilim na panahon noong sinalbahe si Juris ng nakarelasyon niyang kabanda na two-timer; noong may boyfriend siyang may asawa na, during her senior year in college; at, noon din may karelasyon siyang Cebu DJ na may girlfriend na noon.
    9) Chin believes that his and Juris’ talents are enough to make the solo album project (not this messy start of her solo career) a success. Kaya tigilan na iyang counter-productive na threat-gimmick promotion na iyan. Siguradong magba-backfire lang yan.
    10) Remember what Chin said just recently to his sympathizers, “All good things come to an end. Every ending is a beginning…I’ve forgiven them.”

  2. Comment of Cold Water Douser on Ricardo Lo’s article
    A) Mr. Lo’s title is misleading. MYMP didn’t break up —-Juris wanted to go solo with the confirmed urging of Carla Lozada and her backers. It is natural for well established bands to periodically change its members or reorganize, and this is such a period. Chin was the victim of a coup de tat.

    B) Mr. Lo wrote, “…Noel (Ferrer) called up the manager to congratulate him (it’s a her, Carla Lozada, not a him) and MYMP and that’s when he got a little shocker.”
    Obviously, neither Noel Ferrer nor Ricardo Lo were in the know about the past three month’s ramblings between Chin and Carla, to become “a little shocked.” However, if they were quite knowledgeable of such ramblings, the word “shocker” suits a questionable purpose to be consumed by fans.
    C) “Nalungkot ako,” sighed Noel. This sighing implies regret. But if Mr. Ferrer is a friend of Carla from whom she asked the favour to receive an important possible award, weren’t they that close to have shared “shocking” inside info months before?

    D) Mr. Lo wrote, “Juris quit the duo after Chin “booted” her and manager Carla Lozada out due to disagreement over an “exposure” in the A.S.A.P. Sessionista.”

    How can Mr. Lo say, “quit…after being booted out?” It’s a contradiction. Mr. Lo purveys Juris’ quitting as a reaction to her being booted out. But, if a person was allegedly booted out, how can a booted-out person still quit? A booted out person must either accept it, or protest it. The use of the word “booted out”, again, suites a questionable purpose putting Chin in a very bad light.

    How could have Chin possibly “booted out” two members, only to be left alone by all? He did no booting out. He was the victim of a coup de tat. And we all know that a coup de tat does not occur overnight. It involves planning supported by co-conspirators. Who were they? Hmm. Hmm.
    E) Mr. Lo wrote, “Added Noel, ‘Juris is slated to launch her long overdue solo album under Star Records, with five songs produced by Chin’…” There we have it! That’s the crux! Close MYMP fans know that Chin was the evolver of the band’s recording genre: from acoustic recordings (2 CDs) then to full band recordings (which comprised the rest of MYMP’s CDs). Chin wanted to produce, since a year ago, a solo album of Juris as a continuation of his evolution, for listening variety. Chin wanted a Juris solo album project, not an immediate Juris solo career.
    That was Chin’s mistake. This is now all about money for every lurking predator. Remember what Juris said in a broad sheet? She declared then, “My recording career started with MYMP. It will end with MYMP.” Would Carla and her co-conspirators stop luring Juris after she said that? The Beatles sang, “The best things in life are free, but you can give that to the birds and bees. Just give me money…”
    F) Mr. Lo wrote, “No, Juris won’t be using her M.Y.M.P. ‘connections’ anymore.”

    The so-called MYMP connections are constantly being used by Carla Lozada, not by Chin nor Juris. She controls the bookings of the band. Chin simply overheard Carla transacting with a prospective client saying something to this effect, “…Ok lang, kahit split na kami, buong banda pa rin ang tututog sa concert ninyo, at huwag kayong mag-aalala na baka masira ang expectations ng mga sponsors at ticket buyers. Di na kailangang palitan pa ang mga tarpaulin at baguhin ang mga advertisements.”

    G) Mr. Lo wrote, “According to Noel, Chin told her, ‘Magkakamatayan tayo kapag ginamit n’yo ang pangalan ng M.Y.M.P.’ “
    This is a media spin by, you can guess who. Chin actually said, “P___ ___ __, sinulot n’yo na buong banda pati hanapbuhay ko gusto n’yong solohin? Mamamatay muna ako bago n’yo magamit ang pangalan ng MYMP, na para sa ina ko.”
    That’s what Chin said. I was there. Don’t rewrite the history of MYMP.

    H) Mr. Lo continues in the same paragraph, “…But what’s in a name?…”
    Has he conveniently forgetten how Arnel Pineda had been singing for 20 years without getting anywhere, until he hooked up with Journey? It was also true with Brix Ferraris, whose voice deserves international acclaim. How did he fare without South Border? How about the very talented Top Suzara when he split with Free Style?
    Of course, Nina has a much different voice pitch and persona compared to Juris. Nina is Nina. She is a natural stand alone. Let’s watch how this debate unravels.

    I) Mr. Lo continues further in the same paragraph, “…The people are after Juris’ voice, not so much the duo’s name. She will sound just as well even under another name.”
    Yeah, sure. Nina knows the source of Juris’ dissimulated advantage. And so does Kyla, Jimmy Bondoc, Paolo Santos, Pido, and other contemporaries of the three female competitors.

    Mr. Lo needs a more in-depth analysis of the success of MYMP. Ms. Barbara Barbaro of PUP, Manila, stirringly commented on this, also somewhere in the Internet. But her comment no. 8 was scandalous, to say the least. Juris must not be exposed this way. Ms. Barbaro’s comment no.

    8, somehow, clouded her factual and incisive commentary. Her anger got the better of her.

    At the end of the article, Mr. Noel Ferrer even gave assurances concerning Juris, that spoke a lot about symbiotic relationships. Enough said.

  3. hold your horses people!
    this is not chin nor juris’ fault.
    if you study the facts closely, it’s all their manager’s fault.
    look how she manipulates everybody.
    she is used to playing dirty games.
    let us not turn our backs against our beloved idols.
    please let us not believe all the negative issues popping out against juris and chin.
    we should know better.
    carla, the manager should be the one to blame.
    where did she come from anyway?
    juris and chin are both decent persons, god-fearing and humble.
    let us help juris and chin survive this tragedy.
    let us also hope that they can find a new manager to replace carla.
    maybe things will be back to normal, or will even be better for everybody.

  4. Another Proof of Carla Lozada’s Poor Taste

    Now that Carla’s threat-promotion gimmick (of making Chin the fantasy villain in Ricky Lo’s PR write-up) has backfired, she is again trying to sell another fantastic story.
    This time, Carla is ready to “tabloidize” her own as well as Juris’ past romantic escapades by portraying themselves as victims of poison letters. This new promotion gimmick of Juris’ solo album is trying to shift the attention of the public from the Krista-Pacquiao-Jinkee movie promotion gimmick, in a small-time way. Tigilan ninyo kami, ha! Nagmumuka lang very cheap ‘yang gimmick ninyo kumpara sa budget ng movie promotion ni Pacquiao.
    Ano ka ba naman Carla? Hindi na ninyo malilito ang MYMP fans. Ganyan kababa na ba ang pagtingin ninyo sa inyo pagkababae, na handa kayong mapag-usapan for the sake of publicity, kahit na you portray yourselves as sleeping around? At palalabasin pa kunwari ninyo na biktima lang kayo ng poison letters? Tabloid readers know how some politicians try to invoke public sympathy by staging kidnap-me (or kidnap-my kids) scenarios. Parang ganyan iyan, di ba? Lumang tugtugin na ‘yan!
    Carla and her co-conspirators clearly insult the intelligence of the fans. MYMP under the leadership of Chin never resorted to these bad tasting gimmicks. Kung sabagay, maraming close friends ninyo ang umaaming totoo nga ang mga sexcapades ninyo, the one about Duncan sleeping in Juris’ room during the US Sessionista Tour being the latest. Sige. Ipa confirm ninyo itong latest na ito sa ibang Sessionista performers at sa ASAP concert staff. Poor, poor Gavin.

    Ed Valerio, Convenor
    Peoples’ Movement Against Pop Music Degredation
    LPL Tower, Makati

  5. Nako, nakita niyo ba ASAP kanina? Ang baduy talaga ni juris. Parang hindi celebrity. At close nga sila ni Duncan kahit sa stage…. halatang nagsex na! Sila pa ba ng boyfriend niya???

  6. hala! mukang tuwing U.S. tour ay nilalabas ni juris ang totoong kulay nya ah! malandi nga daw siya, yan ang nakuha kong scoop. yung dating U.S. tour nila ng MYMP eh si kris lawrence naman daw ang kakantutan nya. ano ba yan??? ngayon naman si duncan ramos? kung sabagay, babae na lumalapit sayo, hindi mo pa ba tutukain? hahaha

  7. if it’s true that juris has a lot of guys, it only means she’s not only a good singer but she’s also good in bed. even if her boyfriend knew about her sexcapades during the US tours i’m sure he won’t mind as long as juris comes back to him more skilled in bed than ever. maybe scoop boy can interview her exes like weng soriano, mike manahan, that cebu dj, kris lawrence and duncan ramos how good she is in bed and if she moans as sweet as she sings.

  8. grabe naman yang mga pinagsasabi nung carlang yan about juris. hindi professional ang dating. mymp na nga bumubuhay sa kanya, gaganyanin pa niya???!!!!?? grabe siya, parang walang pinag-aralan! saan ba graduate yan? nakakainit siya ng dugo. totoo man o hindi yang mga kinalat niya ay hindi siya karapat-dapat na maging manager ng mymp. aside from pinagmumuka na nyang manang o walang taste sa pananamit si juris, ay napakasama pa ng ugali niya. may tao palang ganyan? wala ba siyang takot sa diyos? masyado na ba siyang bored sa buhay niya para gawing hobby ang paninira sa kaibigan??????!!!? sana magising na ang mymp at palitan na siya. malamang ay ginagago din sila sa pera nyan. mga walang pinag-aralan ang ugali ay malamang mandaraya rin sa pera. good luck to mymp!

  9. Wag ka mag-alala, juris and chin! kakarmahin din yang manager niyong yan. e bat di nyo pa sibakin yan? dadayain pa kayo nyan lalo sa sweldo. pinulot-pulot nyo pa kasi yang basurang yan sa ratsy. yan tuloy, pagkatapos nyong bihisan at bigyan ng ikabubugay, hindi pa nakuntento. ipagdadasal ko kay na makabangon kayo sa mga kasamaang ginawa sa inyo ng sarili nyong manager. good luck, mga idol

  10. pare what i heard is: juris really likes unavailable men. weng soriano had a wife the time she was making “kulit” over the phone. mike manahan had a girlfriend the time juris stalked him. so i’m not surprised if these issues are coming out now. she’s really that kind of woman. lastly, i heard that she just “agreed to be Gaven’s girlfriend because she had no choice. no other men were courting her that time and she didn’t want to be an old maid. she’s already 35 years old, man! i don’t blame her.

  11. Guys, somebody I know has been appointed as the new manager of MYMP. She’s none other than my former classmate (a cross-enrolee) in ADMU — Teresa Tinio. The new website of the Band is Other details including the identity of the new vocalist, members of the re-organized rhythm section, scheds, contact nos., etc. are all revealed therein.

  12. it’s a great thing juris is out of MYMP, eh malantod naman pala sya eh! mag puta-putahan ka nalang! ilantad mo na ang totoo mong kulay! aside from kulay negrita – – – kulay pokpok! hahahahaahahahahahaha

  13. sino ba nagsabing maganda si juris? ang itim. walang korte katawan. maganda lang siya pakinggan ng nakapikit. pampatulog. tapos!

  14. yup you’re right. you won’t even notice her even if you bump into her in public places. parang dugyot na skwater lang.

  15. Before you guys totally dispatch that Carla Lozada, your ex manager make sure you get the real copies of all the contracts for filing. And also to check how much she got from MYMP all in all. Have a lawyer who will check everything. If she has nothing to hide she’ll give them to you willingly. You don’t have to beg for the contracts because as artists you have the right to see and review those contracts. I’m a thousand percent sure dinaya kayo nyan. If she says she doesn’t have them anymore, then leave it to your lawyer. Kulong ang abot nya nyan. Good luck and more power, MYMP!

  16. yuck, juris luwag pekpek kaya sa pwet nalang pinapasok…. e hindi rin naman siya malinis sa katawan kaya baka may tae pa yon, kasuka!

  17. gRabE nMn p0 kAu mAg huSgA kAi jUris..!!fan aq ni juris at chin ,,and masasabi q sa beauty ni juris mganda xa ,,dalagang filipina ang beauty nia…and for me mabait xa tpos,,,i luv the music she produce when she’s singing …ang also chin,,…sNa ma reunite ang MYMP…=(( fan pah nmn nila aq …lalo nah c juris..!!







  19. i was just very much disappointed reading the comments here..let’s not judge every1 ‘coz we don;t know them personally…aside from that, what MYMP is offering is the music that we love to listen and not their personal life…i love their music, so let’s appreciate their music and not meddle with their personal lives…If they decided to part ways due to irreconcilable professional differences let’s just respect them…

  20. i hate comments na pinapababa lang ninyo yung pagkababae ni juris o ni karla man….
    siguro dapat na lang nating tanggapin na wala ng mymp,,
    kahit gaano pa natin sila kamahal, wala tayong magagawa yun ang desisyon nila,,
    tsaka, porket di lang clear yung oaghihiwalay ay huhusgahan kaagad si juris ng kung anu-ano,,
    ano ba yan,,
    kung mahal natin cna juris at chin,tutulungan natin silang makabangon kahit hndi na sila together..
    sana matapos nato
    ang gulo na ng sitwasyon nila, wag na nating patagalin pa

  21. haha mukhang flop yang album na yan for sure! pag yan inawardan siguradong peke! pano idodownload na lang nila kung meron mang gusto mag download ha

  22. sa mga tarantadong nagsasabing better si juris kay juliet: ikumpara niyo itsurat boses ni juris 10 years ago nung nagsisimula palang sya. 35 na sya, sampung taon na sa industriya wala padin syang pinagbago sa itsura at boses. bulok padin, pang amateur. si juliet 19 palang, unang video nyang lumabas 16 palang sya, nung nagchampion sya sa star of davao. sumubaybay kayo para makita nyong paganda sya ng paganda at pagaling ng pagaling. 16 palang sya lampas na sya sa talent ni juris. ni hindi makasali sa kahit anong contest si juris dahil alam nyang wala syang binatbat. ni hindi sya makapag concert kasama ni nina, kyla at sarah dahil alam nyang sapaw sya. lamang si juliet kay juris sa lahat ng aspeto pwera lang sa edad at sa numero ng lalaking kinantot. halatang in denial mga fans ni juris. puro sourgraping. walang laman mga sinasabi. halatang mga labanderat planchadora lang mga fans nya kasi napakabaduy ng mga kanta nya. teleserye themes???? yuck!!!!! the truth hurts. tanggapin nalang.

  23. masyado ka namang bilib sa sarili mo para magsolo, girl!
    anu naman binatbat mo kay sarah? kay nina?
    total performer ka dapat e ni 1/3 wala ka.
    sino namang nambola at nakapagconvince sayong magsolo in the first place?
    iuntog mo kaya yang malaki mong ulo ng sampung beses at baka sakaling mabawasan ang ere at magising ka?
    what a laugh!

  24. Guys,

    Please don’t judge Juris, we are all human who has our own plans and goals in life.
    Why don’t you keep your mouth shut, and just wait for Juris Solo Album’s award.
    Everybody has their own decisions to find out the way their are looking for.

    Be Professional, be fair and generous.

    Love you Juris.

  25. these m0r0ns who gave destructive c0mment are such idi0ts n0t realizing that everyone’s g0t personal lives..yan ang mga ta0ng insecured at wlang napapa2nayan sa buhay..may mga buhay din kayo! Yan ang atupagin niyo! Pakialam niyo kung gusto nila ng pera, eh di wag nio silang panu0rin..crab mentality nga naman..tatak pinoy

  26. oo nga THE BEST TALAGA MYMP…..

    wag nyo nalang pansinin yang mga negative comment… mga pa pampam lang yan… pasikat din…..