I love to be with kids as it makes me always feel young again. Being with kids, especially with my nephews and nieces, is like having one of my own. Since, I have no kids of my own yet, I am now starting to practice a role of a mother by taking part in helping my cousins raising my nephews and nieces to be a good person by making them as healthy as they can be starting from their early childhood years.

Our family are health-conscious, so we are very much aware of the importance of health, especially in children as it is their main protection against diseases that can impair them for life if not given immediate attention. As parents and parents to be, we really are dreadful of the term “sickness” and “hospital”, as these words may mean extra cost out of the budget and worry for the health of our children.

With these in mind, our family always sees to it that every child in the family should have a complete immunization starting from their infancy – like polio, measles and diphtheria vaccines among others – until their toddler years that includes boosters, which is, well, obviously, to boost their immune systems.

I believe that the basic foundation of a child in obtaining a good health is for his immune system to be stable and strong enough in order for him to fight certain diseases without being able to get sick and be hospitalized. In this way, the child will be able to do what he wants to do – playing – without the parents having to worry that he might catch a cold, flu or something like that.

Aside from complete vaccinations or immunizations, we likewise serve the children with healthy and balanced food; most specifically we serve meals containing green and leafy vegetables that contain the vital nutrients that every child needs. Most importantly, milk is always included on the meal, particularly during breakfast and before bed time. Junk food is, of course, not on the list.

My cousins and I constantly make sure that my nephews and nieces are still having a healthy snack even at school by preparing sandwiches for their “baons” packed with all the healthy ingredients but at the same time, prepared with a twist in order to make it more enticing and delicious for them to eat. This is so because we are not sure that they are eating healthy food during snack time at school.

Furthermore, my family never forgets to let them take their vitamins containing vitamins c and zinc, which are known to boost the child’s immune system, as well as, to protect them from getting contagious diseases. In this way, we can be comfortable in thinking that they are healthily protected and that their immune system is really immune to those illnesses.

Time of sleep is also one of the factors that can affect their immune system. Children that are deprived of sleep tend to be more sickly and can easily get sick because their body lacks rest, so their cells cannot have enough time to recuperate. As you may know, our body’s cells, – like the WBC’s or the White Blood Cells, which are the soldiers of our body that protect us against infections – which have been damaged due to various reasons tend to heal themselves and reproduced while we are asleep. So if we lack sleep, naturally, they won’t have enough time to heal themselves which, in turn, can make the child more susceptible to infection. As recommended, children should have at least 10 hours of sleep every day.

So, to all the moms out there, are you on the right track? Are you doing the right thing to keep your child immune from sickness and infection?

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