Can you write? Do you have an active interest in house music? Hed Kandi wants some bloggers

Excepts from Hed Kandi Official Facebook:

Hi folks! Just so you know, we are still looking for people who enjoy blogging and can really put finger tips to a keyboard! Opportunities open up all the time for people all over the globe to contribute and be part of the Hed Kandi team! The responsibility carries some really fantastic benefits too!  Team Kandi xx

Send us 200 words or more of your choice, you could pick a night you have been to, or an album of late or just a subject you a passionate about (in relation to House music please). Put ‘Blogger’ in the subject line and email to We will then read it and let you know! xx

Hed Kandi Info:
Hed Kandi – record label, radio show, international club sensation and more.

Launched in 1999, Hed Kandi has evolved from humble beginnings as a compilation brand into the global phenomenon it is today. With a catalogue spanning over 80 albums, a number of artist projects and three UK Top Ten singles and a host of Top 40 hits to date, Hed Kandi is now a globally respected brand.

Delivering these styles of music with a sense of humour to grown-up clubbers eventually snowballed into Hed Kandi parties and our first full residency began in London in 2002. The buzz about the most lavishly produced club events seen in the UK at that time soon spread and the first parties were roadblocked. The popularity of the nights increased exponentially so that residencies started to crop up all over the UK. Hed Kandi parties now happen in all continents of the globe – a true phenomenon.

Then of course there’s Hed Kandi’s radio empire – currently pumping out six broadcasts of the hottest tracks every week in the UK across the Galaxy network and on MoS radio.

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