Have you ever woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror and some pretty noticeable dark eye circles were peering back at you? Or, the sleep has not quite left your face yet and those darn puffy eyes stare back at you, mocking your morning routine. Nobody wants to endure this every single morning.

Most people do not take care of their skin and body correctly, they have an unhealthy lifestyle that is making their body more prone to illnesses, toxins and premature aging, some of the first signs that are the result of that lifestyle are dark eye circles under eyes.

Dark circles under your eyes can tell a lot about your health and lifestyle. These displeasing discolorations under your eyes are more than just a representation of your tiredness or an undoing of your looks; you may not realize it yet, but these dark under-eye rings are also your early warning system when it comes to your health conditions and needs.

Dark eye circles or eye bags are now my problem. Can you suggest any remedies?

Mommy Iris

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