When Boy Bands Turn Into Honorable Societies

Boy groups have evolved from being trios or quintets who only know how to sing and dance to full packaged artists that play instruments, write their songs and flawlessly pave their way into the hearts of many with their charm. Take the case of Honor Society. Honor Society is the new protégé of the Jonas Brothers group headed by none other than the father of the most popular boy siblings in the industry, Kevin Jonas Sr. But the people behind them are just the tip of the iceberg. What brought this group forward is their hip yet tastefully reminiscent take on music, their obvious good looks and suave boyish qualities become secondary.

The group became popular worldwide with the release of their debut single, Where Are You Now – a refreshing musical narrative of the nostalgia brought by high school life which became the perfect accompaniment to the movie Bandslam that starred High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens. Here in the Philippines, the song has reached number one in top radio stations and with the release of their new single Over You, the group is far from stopping in their drive on the road to success.

They entered the music scene quite impressively being hailed as the breakout band to watch, penned at Rolling Stone and were also named the buzzworthy artists in MTV. They also went on tour immediately with the Jonas Brothers and Jordin Sparks. Thanks to the numerous fans they have acquired from their Myspace and Youtube pages which have garnered more than 4 million plays in a little over a few weeks.

Like any other band, the group came together through existing connections that they had with each other even before being united in music. Michael Bruno (lead vocals & guitar) and Jason Rosen (keyboards, guitar & vocals), had spent time during their years in New York playing in various bands but had always spoke of forming a group of their own – one that would reflect their musical influences that ranged from Stevie Wonder to Prince to Kanye West. After graduating from college, Michael and Jason connected with Andrew Lee (bass, backing vocals) and Alexander Noyes (who had formerly played drums for the Jonas Brothers). Andrew and Alexander would introduce rock music and similar influences to the group that would lead to a signature Honor Society sound. Word about the band’s music and live performances eventually caught the attention of the Jonas Brothers. After attending one of Honor Society’s shows, the two groups met and formed an instant creative connection. The band immediately began recording songs for Fashionably Late with producer John Fields (Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World) and the Jonas Brothers.

The new album of Honor Society, Fashionably Late is now available in all Odyssey, Astrovision and Music One Stores. Their songs are also available for download for your cellphone via WAP.

To have WHERE ARE YOU NOW as your ringback tone, simply follow these instructions:

For GLOBE subscribers, Text KF566 to 2332

For SMART subscribers, Text WERUNOW to 2728

To get a menu of available Honor Society music for Globe subscribers

Text HONOR SOCIETY and send to 2222

Fashionably Late is exclusively distributed by MCA Music Inc.

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