Traveling With Kids

We are planning to have a long trip this week but we worry about is the babies. Traveling with kids can be fun and rewarding. It is all about planning.

For us, we have our nieces who are less than a year old. So we need infant travel bed. I saw in one TV series, they have this what you called Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed. This infant travel bed with a collapsible frame is great for an afternoon or extended travel.Attractive and lightweight, it’s perfect for a nap on the go and offers diaper changing comfort as well. Large storage pockets hold all of the essentials, and the sides fold down easily for compact travel with a carry strap. Nylon surface wipes clean. Includes two soft toys, a padded bottom and sides, and a fitted sheet.

So infant travel bed is always on our to bring list. Also, don’t forget to pack those small things that come in handy on your travels. They won’t weigh down your luggage, but definitely will come in handy – when you need to pack up muddy clothes, take out a splinter or open up a soda bottle, read in the dark, plug in your hair dyer or tidy up a child who tossed his cookies in the back seat of a taxi.

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