How to Revive Your Car After It Was Submerged in Flood

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During typhoon Ondoy, our car “Pogi” was submerged in flood. They are still trying to revive it. Anyway, here are the steps they follow on “How to Revive Your Car After It Was Submerged in Flood”

Step 1:
never never ever try to start your car after it was submerged in flood. it could do more damage to your engine.

Step 2:
remove the car battery. always use protective gear when handling car batteries

Step 3:
it’s wise to wait and let it sit out in the sun for a couple of days, just to be sure that all electrical wirings are dry to avoid any shorts

Step 4:
replace your car battery with a new one. remember, safety first! use protective gear

Step 5:
replace all spark plugs with new ones. dispose off old spark plugs properly

Step 6:
completely drain the fuel tank, and replace your car’s fuel filter

Step 7:
completely drain the engine oil. replace it with new engine oil. check to see the oil color, if its a muddy brown color, repeat this process until oil color inside the engine becomes golden or black. replace the oil filter.

Step 8:
replace car fuses if necessary or if corrosion occurs.

However, if your car is totally damaged, there’s a way to get cash from your  car. Scrapping your car is one way but it should be your last resort. Or you may choose to junk your car for cash if it’s considered a total wreck or if you can’t find anyone interested to buy it.



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