Hidden Camera: Invasion of Privacy or Not?

Personally, I think it would be great if you can see what people are doing behind your back, especially if you own a certain business or manage it. I mean, you don’t have to be there all the time to supervise your employees or go places and be at two places at the same time to see what they are doing.

With the advent of technology, Hidden Camera is now available to aid you with this problem. Since most of these hidden cameras have been meticulously designed to be inconspicuous, they can be embedded into other common objects at home or office like clocks, light bulbs and any other objects you can possibly think of, as long as, the camera will remain invisible to other people, especially to your employees and customers, if possible.

On the other hand, hidden camera can also be a way of violating human rights in some instances, especially if the recorded activity through the camera will be used inappropriately. Just like for example if you divulge the person’s activity for various reasons, or to embarrass a person and ruin his dignity, the use of hidden camera is totally a no no.

As for me, It will not bother me if I will be spied through the use of a hidden camera, as long as it will not follow me up to the rest room. Fine, if I’m guilty then, but if I’m innocent, still fine with me as it will prove my innocence concretely.

Anyway, if I have a hidden camera now, I would like to embed it an a light bulb where nobody would ever notice.

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