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During typhoon Ondoy, my cousins and I were thinking what if everyone has a GPS Tracking unit. GPS or global positioning system is a tracking system that can keep track of location via the use of satellite systems. A GPS tracking device can easily be attached to a car, person, backpack, etc.

The common uses for GPS tracking are it can track your car in case it gets stolen, track your teenage kids driving activity, track lost pets, track wildlife. GPS tracking can also be used by police and private detectives.

If you want GPS tracking unit for your veicle, the GPS TracKing is LandAirSea’s newest GPS vehicle tracking device, a compact and portable passive GPS tracking unit that is only slightly larger than the two (2) AA batteries that give it power. LandAirSea Systems, Inc. has been a leading provider of effective, affordable GPS tracking systems, devices and software since 1994.

Car GPS Tracking may also help in saving your life. Although many automobile accidents involve multiple vehicles, not all do. If you went off the road and didn’t have your cell phone with you, you might be unable to call for help. Also, if you were injured you may be unable to seek help, even if you had a cell phone with you. If someone, whether it be a friend, family member, or your work, was expecting you and you didn’t show, there is a good chance that they would start looking for you or contact the authorities. Unless you left detailed instructions on your intended route, your searchers may not know where to look, unless your car was equipped with car GPS tracking. Car GPS tracking would not only show searchers where to look, but it gives them your exact location.

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